Where in the World is Geelong?

Lara Lake is near Geelong.

Geelong is in Victoria.

Victoria is Australia.

Australia is an island continent.

The continents make up Planet Earth.

Earth is part of our solar system.

The solar system is in the universe.

The universe is infinite.


Girls and boys dressed up in national cotumes from all over the world.

Have you heard of these countries?

Bali, China, Egypt, India, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, America.

27 thoughts on “Where in the World is Geelong?

  1. On Friday 21st of May the school dressed up in different countries costmes.
    I was a hoola girl from Hawaii.
    I had a hoola necklace.
    It was fun to dress up for Education Week.

  2. I did not dress up as anything on International Dress up day. Lilly’s was really good!She wore a costume from Eygpt.She was a princess.

  3. I dressed up as a girl from China .
    I love Lilly’s outfit it look very real .
    Kira’s look good too. She was a cow girl.

  4. On International dress up day I dressed up as an Irish person because I went to Ireland 2 years ago and got a t-shirt that said ‘Ireland’ on it.
    My favorite costume was Erin’s because she had a flag and a boot as a decoration.
    International dress up day was an awesome day with all the different costumes.

  5. I dressed up as a carton football player.I thought
    Jayvee was the best .Jayvee was funny because
    he had a mask.

  6. On International Dress Up Day I dresed up as an Hawiian.Guess which one I am?

  7. People looked very good on international dress up day! PeOple dressed from countries like America, Egypt and more! I think Georgia had the best costume. She was a belly dancer!

  8. I liked Lilly’s the best because she came from Eygpt. She wore a collar around her neck and a white top on. She looked great!

  9. I looked cool. Everyone looked fantastic. Some students did not dress up. I liked Brianna’s coustume

  10. On internationonal Dress up day I dressed up as a person from Thailand. I realy liked Josh’s hat and sunnies.All the costumes were fantastic.

  11. All the costumes looked really great. I liked the person that dressed up as a Eygption princess Cleopatra. She wore real make up.

  12. I dressed up as a carton football player.I thought
    Jayvee was the best .Jayvee was funny because

    he wore a mask from the USA dancer he likes
    break dancing

  13. On International Dress Up Day I loved dressing up from Mexico. I wore a poncho. Mr Creece was hilarious. He was from the UAE.

  14. I really like the person who came in the Italian clothes because she wore a card board boot on her neck.
    The best part of the day was dressing up,for Education week

  15. On Friday 21 first the school dressed up in different countries. I dressed up with a Los Angeles tee-shirt. I liked Kira’s costume the best.

  16. I did not dress up but I liked Lilly and Georgia’s costumes.They hired real costumes
    from other countries like Eygpt.

  17. I dressed up as an Aussie on Friday.
    I like Callum’s because he looked cool in his
    jumper from Canada.
    I also like Jamie because footy is a good sport
    and he was a footballer.

  18. Friday the 21st of May was International Dress
    Up DFay at LLPS. Every one looked great.
    I was a USA person- a break dancer with a

  19. I dressed up as a cowgirl. I had a red hat on and a blue dress on. Abbie look good because she was from China.

  20. I loved International Dress Up Day! I dressed up as a person from Scotland-Scottish! I wore a Shawl and the Forman Scarf! I even had a Grouse claw.I liked Gorgia’s costume! I think her’s was the best!

  21. I didn’t dress up on intenational Dress Day.I forgot to dress up, but I liked Callum’s jumper that said Canada.

  22. I really liked Mr Crease who dressed up in the United Arab Emirates. He had a camel.I really liked Internation Dress Up Day. Our assembly was hiliarious.He made a teacher kiss his camel.

  23. Abbie looked good on International Dress Up Day. So do the taechers and MLY.

  24. Dear Mrs Lynch and all of Mly i think that we have done well on our Blog. 17,094 hits
    from Monikque 🙂

  25. Thank you for the vote of confidence Monikque. I am really proud of the blog and love it when the students and parents can interact with the work we do from home. Keep sending some comments. The page about Where in the World is Geelong? is for our overseas visitors. Maybe your relations in Germany could have a look around and leave us a comment.
    From MrsLynch

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