Gotta Keep Reading

Our Principal, Mr Creece, is passionate about LLPS students reading every single night as part of their home reading program.

He believes in making every student into a great reader through practise, practise, practise.

If you don’t believe us then listen for yourself

Mr Creece from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.


Mrs McKenzie from New Zealand found our blog and we returned their comment. We found this on their blog and we love it for Principal Challenge. Hope you like it. If you want a good score for Principal Challenge then let this video inspire you!

Custom Glitter Text

We all want one!


1,000 points you receive a certificate.

3,000 points you receive a bookmark.

5,000 points you receive a badge.

Everyone wins because reading is great entertainment!

Did you sign up for Principal Challenge, 2010?


What score did you achieve?

What is the title of the best book you read during Pr Ch 2010?

Will you join up for 2011?

What score do you want to achieve next year?

16 thoughts on “Gotta Keep Reading

  1. Hello Mrs. Lynch and the Gr 3/4’s,
    Thank you so much for leaving us a comment on our blog. It is so nice to meet another class from Australia! We love looking at other class blogs too. It is so interesting to see what other kids around the world are learning and what life is like where they live.

    We would love to visit your blog this week when we go to the computer lab! How is the flag collecting going? We are wondering how you are collecting them?

    We love “Gotta Keep Reading” too. We posted it on our blog several weeks ago and now our friends are singing it too.

    We look forward to learning more about your class,
    Mrs. W and the 1/2/3’s

  2. I love this youtube clip. It is great because everyone in my school that likes to read would love to see this book clip.

  3. I hope l.l.p.s does reading on the oval like the video flash .Evryone would get to 1000 points for prin challenge . I have 1200 but i want 3000 for a bookmark.

  4. I hope everyone get to 3000 or more in 3 weeks.
    I am on 1550. Everyone keep reading. We enjoy watching the video to inspire us

  5. That song is great.It should become a real song one day.It is like the Black Eyed Peas song.I have 850 points in it.I should make it.

  6. I love the video clip because it encourages us to read books and you can get smarter and learn alot about trains,art,and much much more! Keep on reding everyone!

  7. I think everyone in the world would enjoy this video clip! It makes you acheive your goal! READ!READ!READ! I have 6,700 points and i want 10,000 by the end of tearm 2.

  8. Hi! My name is Jiajia. You have got the song off our blogpage. It is a nice song. We are learning to do the song. I am from Reefton, NZ.

  9. I went really well because I got 2500 ponts on the PRINCIPAL CHALLENGE. The Gotta Keep Reading song is a flash mob dance!

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