MLY Works Hard to Get the Job Done.

The task in this video was to have our self evaluations completed for the June Reports.

 Mrs Lynch said that the reports would make the parents feel very proud so all the students wanted to do their very best.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the excellent progress your child has made so far this year. We’ll see parents at our three way interviews on Thursday. Students are looking forward to conducting their student led interview.

In MLY we work hard. from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

We don’t always work like this but when there is work to be done it’s heads down and work tough until the job is completed. Parents- we were publishing our report self evaluations for you to read. We hope they make you proud.

1. Do you like our days when we have to work really hard to meet the deadline?
2. What did your parents say about your report?
3. PARENTS- Are you proud parents and are you very happy with your child’s learning?

3 thoughts on “MLY Works Hard to Get the Job Done.

  1. Extremely happy with the way Bianca has improved with her work and has also built up more confidence throughout the year so far to complete all tasks. She enjoys school very much and looks forward to each day of work. She was very upset one day when I said she was too sick to go to school but she did everything to be able to get to school as she enjoys doing her work and being amongst friends. Look forward to the end of the year report to see more improvement.

  2. Dear Miss Lynch,
    I like you telling the parents all about mly on the blog.
    From Courtney Huhn

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