Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

Tomorrow we will conduct our 3 way interviews. We have a script to follow.

Here it is for you to practise at home. Make sure you have some answers to share with your teacher and your parents.

1. Student enters the classroom and greets the teacher formally.

2. He/She introduces the parents to the teacher (first names).

3. Student follows the script for the student led interview:

  • Could you please tell my parents about my achievements so far this year?
  • Could you please tell my parents about my learning improvement goals for the rest of the year?
  • Could you tell my parents about my organisation, confidence, persistence, getting along behaviour, and resilience?
  • Could you tell my teacher about my home reading, homework, projects and organisation skills?
  • Could you tell my parents about my behaviour in class?

4. Teacher questions

  • What achievements you most proud of so far this year?
  • What goals would you like to achieve before the end of the year?

5. Parent questions

  • Including reporting back from report form 
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One thought on “Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews

  1. I was really happy with Josh’s report mid year 2010. Great job Josh! I’m sure all the other students have also done a fantastic job too!
    The students reports are a credit to the school! Go Lara Lake!

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