6 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Holidays Everyone!

  1. I can’t wait until the holidays because I have so much to do but I will still miss school a lot because I won’t be able to do all the fun activities like Maths, Writing and Reading and see my good friends.

  2. I wish I was there to see eveyone happy holiday have a great day. P.S my mum loved the report.

  3. Hello to everyone at Lara Lake PS
    Hope you enjoy your holidays. We will be returning home soon. Currently are are staying in Siena in Italy. It is an ancient town surrounded by a wall. It is preparing for a big horse race here called Il Palio this Friday. It is shown on television right across Italy.

  4. I hope every one is having a good holiday! I have- it was great. I was in Adelaide from Friday to Tuesday- 5 days. I spent 9 hours in a car going and then coming back. It was boring.

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