Mr Creece's Holiday Dance

Mr Creece promised a special treat for the end of term if we practised good listening and excellent manners at our weekly Friday assembly.

He promised that one of the teachers would perform a dance if we could score 1,000 points.

We were surprised that Mr Creece was the special guest performer.

We have a very talented principal.

Mr Creece is like Michael Jackson.

Please leave a comment about Mr Creece’s performance.

You can comment on his costume, choreography, music and dancing.

Mr Creece’s Dance from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

As a special reward for the last day of term, Mr Creece promised us that a teacher would perform a dance. Mr Creece did not disappoint us. HE was the dancer! And…what a dance it was!

9 thoughts on “Mr Creece's Holiday Dance

  1. Dear Mr. Creece,

    Well done! If you ever decide to get out of education, you can become an entertainer! I like your enthusiasm!

    Mrs. Yollis

  2. I thought Mr. Creece’s dance was hillarious even though I didn’t see it in person because I was sick but the vidoe was a great laugh!!!

  3. Well I have to say that was a fantastic dance Mr. Creece. Well Done indeed. Back when I was a kid, my Principal was no where near as cool as you.

    From Peter Eyre-Walker

  4. What a fantastic display of confidence, good humor and good fun to share with your students and community! Hats off to you Mr Creece.

  5. Nice dancing Mr. Creece, we all hope the little
    kids that were watching didn’t get scared!

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