Coco, our Stick insect, passed away during the holidays.

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Please use the archives to remember fondly the precious time we spent with Coco.
We would all love to read your comments about the memories you have of our classroom pet, Coco.

stick insect 4862 COMPRESSED

Coco was a very easy classroom pet.

 He/she lived a quiet life in the fishtank and did not require much upkeep.

We enjoyed feeling his sticky, clinging walking feeling over our skin.

3 thoughts on “Coco, our Stick insect, passed away during the holidays.

  1. I was going to have a go on the puzzle and the globe but I didn’t have Java.

  2. Dear MLY,
    I was sad to hear that Coco had passed away. As you well know, stick insects make wonderful pets. The stick insect at our school has layed eggs. I will let you know if they hatch.

  3. Dear MLY
    So sorry to hear that Coco has passed away. She sounds like a very cool pet to have had! Let me know if you have another and I will try to bring Max and the girls in to visit.

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