The Big Run Around Australia

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We entered The Geelong Advertiser’s Health and Well Being Competition in first term.

They liked our project so much that they decided that we were the winners!

We had to run all the way around Australia.

Every student had to run two laps of the oval for two terms.

It was a long way and a big effort. We ran to every capital city and we learnt a little bit about our magnificent country as we went.

We even did our maths about the data that we kept as all the classes entered their weekly laps.

Mr Creece was so excited about our big effort that he dressed up in a kangaroo suit to run the final leg with the representative from each class.


One thought on “The Big Run Around Australia

  1. Hi MLY,
    Having a great time over here in the A netball team for Notre Dame we are going to verse some teams from different countries even a team from Australia!
    Notre Dame has a swimming pool and I do swim squad!
    Hope all is well

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