Barwon Water is the world's best water.

Water Treatment Process
This week we travelled all the way to the beautiful Otway Ranges to see Geelong’s catchment area- West Barwon Reservoir. It was a very long way from Lara but now we appreciate the journey that Whizzy the Waterdrop takes from when he runs off the hills into the reservoir to when he falls out of our taps for us to drink.

View Larger MapWe walked along the dam wall and sat on the ledge. We could see the two rivers- West Barwon River and Munday Creek. They join together to make a perfect catchment for Geelong’s water supply. We followed the open channels all the way down to Wurdee Boluc. This is where all of our water is treated. We saw all the steps- coagulation, filtration, disinfection and the huge tanks that store Barwon Water’s daily supply.
Now we understand why we should protect, conserve and get involved in our precious water.

Barwon Water- Fit for a King!

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