Fantastic News! Mathletics in 2011!

All classes are really excited about our Mathletics news.

Mathletics is very popular in Australia and many schools are improving student results in numeracy because of student participation at home and at school.

Here is just one of the many  positive testimonials about Mathletics.

At Balgowlah Boys we’ve been running Mathletics for nearly two years. It has proved popular with students, parents and teachers. With the release of an online version, including the 1 minute, mental arithmetic, and head-tohead competitions, we find students wanting to use it at home as a learning resource. For the teachers, the ability to set tasks comprising selected topics is a compelling feature. Tasks are used to set laboratory lessons as well as homework. Mathletics aids self paced learning in the computer laboratory, drill, test, and homework. Students receive animated online instruction through the Support Centre and instant feedback and teachers receive automatically marked and analysed results. The time teachers save in avoiding ‘low-value’ marking is better spent on lesson planning and responding to individual student needs. Mathletics has been both useful and well received, and we expect to further integrate it into the school. Stephen Mcgugan, Mathematics Coordinator

MLY’s Mathletics time is Friday at 9:00am.

7 thoughts on “Fantastic News! Mathletics in 2011!

  1. Hello Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    I love looking at the blog!It’s great fun because
    I can see if anything changed.

  2. Hi Mrs Lynch andMLY,
    Let’s get to 15000 hits .I looked for the swimming photos
    from Mykaela

  3. Hi Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    I hope all of MLY are doing mathletics. It is great homework.
    From Ben’s Dad

  4. Dear Ricky,
    Thank you for your comment. Mathletics is great for Ben. He loves the competition.
    It must be hard sharing the computer at your house.
    From Mrs Lynch

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