School canteens should sell junk food!


We tried another example of writing a persuasive text this week. Congratulations on your good use of the correct structure and persuasive language. We are certainly developing our opinions on many topics. Listening to both sides of the argument and having good discussions is helping our learning.

9 thoughts on “School canteens should sell junk food!

  1. Dear MLY:
    I have been incredibly impressed by your work so far in 2011. You are an incredible grade of students with a wonderful and passionate teacher. It is a delight to visit you and to think that you are in our school. Well done with the persuasive texts. It is very important that you know how to do these. I will see you all soon. From Mr. Creece

  2. To MLY students,
    Congratulations on getting 15,000 blog hits!
    I hope you have a great celebration tomorrow.
    From Tom’s Father

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch and all of MLY!
    Congratulations on all of your fantastic work!
    Keep it up!

  4. I am so happy that my daughter is learning to use the internet through such a wonderful and safe site. I am very proud of Mrs Lynch and all of MLY! I am also able to keep upto date with the things happening at school.
    From Julie

  5. Schools should sell junk food?WOW MLY great work MLY on telling those story’s about junk food WELL DONE

    From Zoe

  6. Dear Julie,
    Thank you for your comment on our blog.
    I hope you enjoy participating in our school activities from your computer. It is amazing how interacting with parents has changed so much.
    From Mrs Lynch

  7. Dera Tom’s Dad,
    Thank you for your comment on our blog. You must be very proud of Tom. He is trying to be the Mathletics king of LLPS. I hope he achieves his goal.
    From MrsLynch

  8. Dear Mr S,
    I can’t believe that we have almost achieved another 1 000 hits on the blog in just 3 weeks. Amazing!
    From Mrs Lynch

  9. Dear Mr Creece,
    Mrs Lynch got slightly behind in her blog replies. Since your visit to the blog we have had an ‘all day computer day’. We did all our work though and we were exhausted from concentrating all day long!
    We are wondering if you would give us a blog hit from some of the places you visit in South America. We have never had a visitor from there and we don’t have any flags for our collection.
    From Mrs Lynch and MLY

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