Let’s Go Cats!

The Geelong Football Club is looking forward to another successful season in 2011.

Last week two players attended our school for a football clinic with The Middle Department.

Marcus Drum (22)  and Cameron Guthrie (29) kept a keen eye on the LLPS players. They said that if we listen to our teachers and our coaches, eat healthy food, set achievable goals and,  most importantly, keep on trying even after the setbacks, then we will be successful.

This is Marcus and Cameron’s first year with GFC.  Marcus is injured but Cameron is playing his first game this week.

Congratulations Cameron. We will follow you this year.

Comment on your favourite team and your football heros.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Go Cats!

  1. Dear MLY,
    Congratulations Cameron for playing your first game for the GFC! I hope you comment on the blog.
    From Tom 🙂

  2. Dear MLY
    Cameron, congratulations on your first game. I wonder how poor Joel Selwood is. I wonder if he is back in the game.
    From Ben

  3. Dear Ben,
    That was a nasty knock to poor Joel’s mouth. It was lucky he had his mouth guard in.
    From Mrs Lynch

  4. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    The rewards day was a really great day but it wasn’t that exciting when the footy players arrived.
    From Jackson

  5. Hi Jackson,
    I hope you are enjoying Gr 4. I know that you are still doing great Maths in your class.
    From Mrs Lynch

  6. Dear MLY,
    Go Cats! I hope Cameron and Marcus get a game this year. Lets also hope that Geelong win the premiership every 2 years 2007, 2009 and hopefully 2011 🙂

    From Adam

  7. Dear Adam,
    That would be great. I will never forget the exciting times in Geelong when the Cats brought the premiership cup home.
    Go Cats.
    From Mrs Lynch

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