The Big Moon

Did you see the SUPER MOON this week?

 There was a special full moon event.

 The moon was  about 30,000km nearer to Earth than its average distance of 385,000km.

It was a beautiful sight.

It is such a simple thing to do. Go outside at night time and star gaze. Think about the people all over the world who have looked at the stars for millions of years. Leave a comment about the night sky at your house.


24 thoughts on “The Big Moon

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    The pictures of the Big Moon look wonderful!
    I didn`t see it but I know how beautiful it must have been. I LOVE the slide show.
    from Ellen

    The full moon is so beautiful. It came up so bright. It blew up my whole room in light.

    From Zoe

  3. Hi Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    I cannot belive that the moon was so big a few nights ago! 😀 :*( 🙂 🙁 X(

  4. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I can’t belive how big the moon was! It was so beautiful.It was so big that I stayed up and looked out my window and watched it!It was unbelivible. I loved it!
    From Charlotte

  5. Hi MLY and Mrs Lynch,
    The big moon was amazing two weeks ago, on wensday.I got a really good sight of it because i was at my Uncles and Anties!
    From Ysabel.:D

  6. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    The pictures of the Big Moon look wonderful!
    I didn’t see it but it must have been beautiful.
    I love the slide show!
    from Ellen

  7. Dear MLY,
    I liked the big moon! I was really great! Sometimes I go outside to watch the stars. I know where the Southern Cross is.
    FRom Callum

  8. Hi MLY
    The big moon is amazing to watch and
    the moon is bright and really shiney and
    beautiful to see in the night sky.
    from Mitchell

  9. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    From my veranda it looked like the big moon was four meters away from my house! It looked like a massive cheese ball! It was so amazing. I wish I could see the awesome moon again!
    From Holly

  10. Dear MLY and Mrs lynch,
    Owen and I love the full moon photos.
    It wos so amasing and bright and pretty.

    from Owen and Liam

  11. Dear Owen and Liam,
    A full moon is amazing. The night sky is so bright when you are out in the country. I miss all the stars because of the bright lights near my house. You are so lucky to see lots of stars in Lara.
    From Mrs Lynch

  12. Hello Ben,
    I will put the car keys in with the icy poles so that I don’t forget them.
    Did you notice the big orange sun at sunset tonight? IWe can see the moon easily because it gets dark early since daylight saving has finished.
    From Mrs Lynch

  13. Dear Holly,
    Keep watching the moon because another full moon is not far away. The sunsets are wonderful as well.
    From Mrs Lynch

  14. Dear Ellen,
    All full moons look awesome. Keep watching the moon for the next full moon in a couple of weeks.
    From mrs Lynch

  15. Dear Charlotte,
    I’m glad you got to see the biggest moon in 19 years. It was a spectacular sight.
    From Mrs Lynch

  16. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    Actully my Antie and Uncle do live in the Country.Thanks for the coment!

    From Bella 😀

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