Rewards Week

We always look forward to our ‘Rewards Week’.
We have been busy with WALT -learning goals (what we are learning today) and WILF-success criteria (what I am looking for) all term.

Now it is time to celebrate our achievements.

Tuesday was  ‘All Day Computer Day’.
Here are our favourite sites to try again during the holidays.




Thursday was our ‘Scooters at School’ day.

The Middles had so much fun with the scooters in the school ground.

Monday was Project Expo.

We shared our projects at the Project Expo.
This term the standard of presentation was excellent.

Did you enjoy Rewards Week?
Do you think you will attend Rewards at the end of Term 2?

21 thoughts on “Rewards Week

  1. WOW! MLY gets an all day computer day. I know that we are going to have a great time on the computers.
    From Zoe

  2. Hi MLY,
    I know today will be the best day ever! When I grow up I am going to be a computer technician. I wonder what you are going to be when your older?.

  3. Dear MLY,
    It’s great to see everyone has behaved very well and to have a reward that is all day computer day!
    From Adam 🙂

  4. Hello MLY,
    All day computer day well be awesome and the best day ever.

    from Bailey:)

  5. Dear Miss Lyunch,
    I loved computer day! It was very fun! I hope
    everyone liked computer day. Did you?

    from Sarah

  6. Dear MLY and Mrs Lynch,
    I hope I enjoy all day computer day. I’m having so much fun already!
    from Ellen

  7. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    All day computer day was a greatday at school. We are very lucky at LLPS. I did all my homework tasks this term.
    From Courtney

  8. Dear Courtney,
    It was fun wasn’t it. There atre so many educational things that you can do from the fantastic interactive websites.
    I’m glad you enjoyed youself,
    From Mrs Lynch

  9. Dear Ellen,
    You have worked hard this term. Your results are always very impressive. Keep up the good work and I hope you enjoy blogging in the holidays.
    From Mrs Lynch

  10. Dear Courtney,
    I am very proud of your hard work this term. You deserve all the rewards.
    Well Done and keep working hard.
    From Mrs Lynch

  11. Dear Ellen,
    All day computer day sounded like it was going to be a day off work. I think we had a very successful day of learning. Everyone stayed on task for a very long time without becoming distracted. It went very quickly.
    From Mrs Lynch

  12. Hello Sarah,
    I really enjoyed our computer day. It was a very hard working day and everyone tried hard at their learning tasks. Well done.
    From Mrs Lynch

  13. Dear Bailey,
    I’m glad you participated so well in ‘all day computer day’. You stuck to the tasks very well.
    From mrs Lynch.

  14. Dear Adam,
    I hope you do very well next term as well. Set your goals up at the beginning of the term.
    From Mrs Lynch

  15. Dera Ben,
    What a great comment. I wish you luck because you will be a great computer technician when you grow up.
    From Mrs Lynch

  16. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I did much enjoy rewards day it was so much fun! I hope we can do another scooter at school day again!I miss school already.I can’t wait to get back to school!
    From Charlotte

  17. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    Rewards day was so much fun!I can’t wait to find out what term two’s rewards day is.I hope it is a scooter day again.I can not wait to come back to school and see my friends again!
    From Sophie.

  18. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    My mini figure has a diver head, a spaceman body and a diver feet.
    From Liam

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