9 thoughts on “We love our Mums

  1. Dear Bloggers,
    I hope all of the Mum’s have had a great day for mothers day. I know myne did.
    From Zoe

    From Zoe

  2. Dear Middles,
    We bought a fridge magnet for mum that said “The greatest gift I ever had came from heaven. I call her my MUM”
    From Rebekah

  3. Dear Rebekah,
    What a lovely fridge magnet. Mum must adore it. I wish I had one just like it. Maybe next Mother’s Day.
    From Mrs Lynch

  4. Dear Zoe,
    I had a lovely Mother’s Day because Harry was very excited to have all the family around.
    From Mrs Lynch

  5. Dear MLY,
    Everyone is lucky have a mum because they are lovely and they are special.
    from Ben

  6. Dear Ben,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the aths. Maybe next time try writing a paragraph as your comment. It will be more interesting for everyone to read.
    From Mrs Lynch

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