19 thoughts on “Jump Rope for Heart

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    Great video!I loved the skills they used and it was amazing!Loved it, see you on Monday.
    From Charlotte

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    You were quick to comment/ I love the skills as well…nearly enough to make me start skipping again. Will you bring your skipping rope on Monday?
    From Mrs Lynch

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I will bring my skipping rope.I loved the video! It was outstanding, I didn’t think that was possible.Love it so much.
    From Charlotte

  4. Dear Charlotte,
    Let’s start off the skipping craze…everyone with their rope by the end of the week. We’ll work on a few tricks.
    From Mrs Lynch

  5. Dear Mrs Lynch ,
    I loved the tricks on the video! I’d love to do those tricks and be able to do flips and also skipping at the same time. I think I would be able to do some of those tricks but I would have to have heaps and heaps of practice to get it right. It doesn’t have to be perfect just have a go and have fun.
    from Chloe

  6. Dear Chloe,
    These kids are the champions. Of course champions have to start somewhere and as you said-practise, practise and more practise!
    Have a go and have fun. Let’s start skipping tomorrow.
    From Mrs Lynch

  7. Dear MLY and Mrs.Lynch,
    I hope everyone is going to jump rope for heart so that the people who need the money will get it and so that if you participated in Jump Rope for Heart that you will be proud of your self!

    From Zoe

  8. Dear Zoe,
    Good luck with Jump Rope. I hope you enjoy skipping as much as I did when I was your age. The tricks these days are much better though!
    From Mrs Lynch

  9. Dear Mrs.Lynch,
    Wow those tricks are outstanding i wish i could
    do that sort of skipping.Oh well it takes practice,
    any way i dont have a skipping rope so i have to
    wait,its neally my birthday-13th of July!
    From Ysabel!

  10. Dear MLY,
    I hope everyone does a really good job at jump rope for heart.I will try to do good job too. I am trying and trying to do great.

    Form Zoe

  11. I think the rope jumpers are really cool because you cannot see the rope turning around when they jump really fast.
    From Owen

  12. Dear Zoe,
    Good luck with Jump Rope. You ahve to work very hard with fitness and co ordination.
    From Mrs Lynch

  13. Dear Mrs Lynch and MLY,

  14. Dear MLY,
    That wa sgreat skipping if we can do that when were older that would mean alot of practice they must of practised alot when they were our age.
    From Adam

  15. Dear Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    The Jump Rope for Heart video is awesome.
    I won’t be able to do that!
    from Holly.

  16. Dear MLY and Middles,

    I think people that watch the Jump Rope For Heart video will be able to do some of those tricks!
    From jess

  17. Dear MLY,
    They were AWESOME skippers. Hopefully we can be like that one day and did you see on Australia’s Got Talent. I saw the best skipping ever.If we keep practising we might be like that.

    From Adam

  18. Dear MLY &Mrs Lynch,
    I loved the Jump Rope For Heart. Next week is our jump off. I am practising at recess times. I can do crisscross and backwards and forwards.
    From Mykaela

  19. Dear Mrs Lynch & MLY,
    My sisters & amp; mum & amp; I watched Jump Rope For Heart Video. It Was Great Fun.
    From Courtney Huhn

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