Teacher/student conferences

Our latest attempt at improving our learning is try individual student/teacher conferences.
We are doing this with our reading conferences and we are improving our skills for chatting about what we read.
This term we will do a pre test about each maths topic. Mrs Lynch will have a conference about the next step in the learning. We will have a form with the “I can..” statements. We will read about the learning goals we want to achieve.
Here is Chloe and Mr Wood having a conference about subtraction.

Untitled from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Thank you Mr Wood and Chloe

3 thoughts on “Teacher/student conferences

  1. Dear MLY,
    This is a fantastic video showing the wonderful learning and goal-setting by the students. I am really impressed and look forward to other students being represented in the future.
    From Mr Creece

  2. Dear Mr Creece,
    Thank you for your comment on our post about student/teacher conferences. Do you think Chloe and Mr Wood look like famous actors?

  3. Dear MLY,
    Great work understanding the subtraction your doing.Make sure you keep on trying!Also have fun and learn some new things.
    From Charlotte

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