Shared Reading in MLY

Our Literacy block is crammed with reading and writing. We are always busy with the Daily 5- read to self, work on writing, read to someone, listen to reading, word work.
Our focus this term is on the Shared Book part of our reading session. This is when we gather together to read from the same text. We learn how to read. We observe the punctuation sign posts, we change our voice to add expression and interest to what we read and we enjoy the text together. Mrs Lynch has her new special book to write a learning focus for each lesson.
Please watch the videos and you will see that everyone in the class receives encouragement in this part of our reading block.

Untitled from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Untitled from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

What do you like about doing our Shared Reading together?
Ms Richards came to our class to help us use codes to highlight some strategies that help us in understanding a text. We used- making connections, a question, a new word and main idea.
Please leave a comment about Ms Richard’s Shared Book session.

Untitled from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Shared Reading in MLY

  1. Dear MLY,
    Great reading! It was fantastic! You read quite well together. Good work and keep on reading!
    From Charlotte

  2. Dear MLY,
    How are you going whith princapal reading challenge! The way you read like that you must be all great readers.

  3. Hi MLY!
    Congratulations to everyone in the Principal Reading Challenge!
    I hope MLY will have the best overall score!
    From Tom.

  4. Dear middles and Mrs Lynch
    What fabulous work you are doing with shared reading! I am so impressed with how expressively you are reading. Your reading is certainly improving! Well done to everyone!
    Miss Richards

  5. Dear MLY and Middles,

    Lots of our visitors have come to see our amazing shared reading all together! I can’t believe how good we are.

  6. Dear Jess,
    I am so proud of our work in MLY. I think MLY is the best MLY since last years’ when Chloe was in MLY.
    Mrs Lynch

  7. Hi MLY,
    Everyone was reading really great and the vimeo would of been better if my head wasn’t in it alot

    From Zoe

  8. Dear Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    The shared reading videos were fantastic and great to watch!
    In the videos I saw everyone’s eyes focussed on the text that they were reading .
    Mrs Lynch has a great way of learning from the
    IWB 🙂
    From Chloe:- )

  9. Dear Chloe,
    Thank you for reading so well during our shared reading. It is a whole team effort when we are learning to read. Reading together helps some readers to imporve their skills.
    FRom Mrs Lynch

  10. Dear MLY and Mrs Lynch,
    In MLY I always look forward to after snack.We do shared reading!I love doing shared reading.
    From Mia

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