Baseball Multiplication

Mrs Lynch found that Mr. Salisha’s Gr 3/4 class in Connecticut, USA, is learning about multiplication this week.
They are playing a game called ‘Baseball Multiplication’. To play the game you need a game board, some game pieces and dice.
The ‘pitcher’ rolls the dice and the batter has to multiply the numbers. If they get the answer wrong it’s an out. If they get the answer right, the game board tells you if it’s an out, a single, double, triple or home run.
Here is the multiplication recording sheet for Baseball Multiplication:
Baseball Multiplication Record Sheet-IMG_0004


It’s a simple game to play and it adds excitement to practising our number facts. We’ll use arrays and tables grids until we improve our automatic response.





 You can modify the game by playing with a six-sided dice and a twelve-sided dice, or two twelve-sided dice for higher multiplication facts.
Here are the scoring sheets for different dice, and directions for the game: Modified Scoring Sheet







 Thank you for sharing this game,  Mr Salish.

2 thoughts on “Baseball Multiplication

  1. Dear MLY and Mrs Lynch,
    I really enjoy doing multiplication in class and enjoy playing multiplication baseball.Have lots of fun playing it MLY .
    From Mia

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch, 🙂
    Fantastic photo’s on the blog! They were very interesting.You never know what you’ll find.Great work
    From Charlotte

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