The Principal’s Reading Challenge has finished!

If you participated in the PRC this year, please leave a comment for Mr Creece. He is very interested in receiving feedback.
We are also interested in receiving feedback from parents about PRC 2011.
Think about:
1. The reading time expected for Middles.
2. The award point system- is this appropriate for Gr 3/4?
3. The length of time devoted to the challenge.

3 thoughts on “The Principal’s Reading Challenge has finished!

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I really enjoyed the P.R.C. I managed to get 3000 points so I got a book mark on the very last day of the challenge.

    My brother Sam got a book mark to. That shows that any one can get a badge if they put their mind to it!

    From Ellen.

  2. I am very proud of all the children who entered the Principal’s Reading Challenge. It was a fantastic effort from all involved. I could not believe the amount of students who received a certificate. The next best thing were those champions who made their way to the bookmarks. Then, the next step – the badges! Wow! So many hardworking students got to the highest level and received a badge. You are all superstars. I love you guys and gals! Well done!

  3. Dear MLY,
    I love that that everyone tried their hardest. Even Cullum tried to achieve his goals. The whole class did. MLY I am very proud OF US!
    From Ben

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