Our Friday Assembly Items

Every Friday LLPS assemble together in our lovely, new gymnasium. We have the regular presentations such as our YCDI awards. Students receive a YCDI certificate if they have shown confidence, organisation, persistence, getting along behaviour or resilience. Then we have an award from our Principal, Mr Creece. Teachers choose a student who has achieved well in their learning. The parents usually come to assembly just in case their child goes out to the front for an award. It is a proud moment. We also have the JSC White Hand Award for keeping the school yard tidy.
Sometimes we have student presentations.
This one is the Preps saying the alphabet. They are very clever Preps!

This one is the Middles doing an Energy Squad presentation to the school.

This one is after our Jump Rope for Heart. The Skippers practised a routine.

Please leave a comment about your school’s weekly ssembly.

3 thoughts on “Our Friday Assembly Items

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    Our preps were amazing.They were so cute and funny! They already now their aphabet… by June!
    Also Zoe and Caitlin were great at their skipping. How many times did they have to practise getting that perfect. Amazing job girls!
    Also the energy speech is very encouraging! I will turn off my lights every time I’m not using them. Thank you!

    From Charlotte 🙂

  2. Hi Mrs.Lynch
    Great job on finely getting the skipping on the blog you must not of been busy and you put the Energy Buster speach as well 🙂

    From Zoe 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    I have enjoyed going to our new hall for P.E and
    i always look forward to each week when we have those exciting activites!
    It was very funny when the Preps did the Alphabet.
    Also the speechs done by the Energy Busters was very interesting!
    Keep up the good work everyone.Im looking forward to seeing you all next term!
    From Ysabel

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