Important news from Mathletics

Our Matheltics Day did not work out for us this week.
We discovered that we could not access the assigned activities to practise fractions work. Paul, our technician, started to update some new software.
Flash 9 will be installed and ready for us to use next Friday.
You will need this software at home for the new Mathletics.Here is the letter for parents that Mathletics sent to school.
The software is free and it only takes seconds to update.
Just follow the easy directions.

Mathletics is about to receive an exciting update which will improve the experience for children and their teachers at school and home. It will incorporate a range of engaging and educationally beneficial enhancements, giving students a fresh, new and even more enjoyable experience to ensure they stay excited about learning with Mathletics. The update takes advantage of Flash 10. This is a quick software update that is simply installed on your home computer by visiting and clicking Download Now (note, you may want to deselect the Free Google Toolbar option first).
If you are a Mac user, Mathletics is best experienced through the Firefox web browser.
The software and installation instructions are available at

2 thoughts on “Important news from Mathletics

  1. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I have been on Mathletics and Spelling City when I have been away. I got 2030 points on mathletics and some certificates. I got 16 wrong on my spelling but I am going to try again tommorrow.
    From Liam

  2. Dear MLY,
    I can’t wait until friday for two reasens i have a fiday night football game at st. albans 7:30 but you can’t forget mathletics! i love mathletics so everyone try your hardest.
    From Ben

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