The Comment that became a Post!

Sometimes we receive a comment that is so good that it makes an excellent post.
You might remember Denise sent us a comment from Russia but it got lost in cyber space.
A funny adventure about a comment that went around the world.

She sent this comment to us this week and everyone enjoyed reading about life in Russia.
Dear MLY,
After I last wrote, we continued to sail through the lakes and rivers of Northern Russia, visiting many small villages. Many of the people were very poor and one day we visited a primary school. The children were all learning crafts so that they would have a job when they left school. They showed us their school, then performed a little concert and gave us afternoon tea. We paid the school and this is how they keep going. Imagine that! Their classrooms were VERY VERY old! and they didn’t have any nice resources like you have.
Then we arrived in Moscow and the weather was a little warmer. It is summer in the northern hemisphere, but it never gets really hot in Moscow, just warm. We visited the famous Red Square and toured the Kremlin, where the Prime Minister has his offices. In Red Square we went to St Basils Church. You may have seen it on the news last week. It was celebrating its 450 th birthday. When the church was finished the king ordered his soldiers to cut out the architects eyes so that he could never design another church! The king wanted to have the most beautiful church in the world. My husband is an architect- I’m glad no-one has cut out his eyes! Ouch!
I see that you are learning about transport this term. When we left the boat we came by bus, plane, taxi, taxi, train, train, plane, taxi, bus, plane,bus, plane, taxi. HOME!!!!!
Have a wonderful third term.
My next letter might be from Canada!

Here is a picture of St Basil’s.

2 thoughts on “The Comment that became a Post!

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  2. Dear MLY,
    I think Denise is so lucky to see St Basils Church, it’s BEAUTIFUL! 🙂
    I wish I could go to Russia for a little while. I would probably miss my family to much though.Seeing St Basils Church up close must be a pleasure.
    From Ellen

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