Our 67th World Flag

What an exciting flag.

Our 67th FLAG!

Our 67th FLAG!

Today we can celebrate a ‘hit’ on our blog from someone in Kazakhstan.

This is a country in Russia.
Denise sent us a couple of very interesting comments from Russia and this began our interest in a country very different to our own country, Australia.

It is amazing that they have found our blog and discovered what MLY, LLPS, is up to.
This is our 67th flag. Our goal is to have 70 world flags by the end of third term. Can anyone help us?

If you know relatives or friends in far away countries of the world, please ask them to hit our blog.

They can Google LLPS Middle Unit Blog or hit the URL: http://llpsmiddle.global2.vic.edu.au.
Come on everyone! Let’s gather as many flags as we can. There are 275 flags of the world.

3 thoughts on “Our 67th World Flag

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    Finally we reached our 67th flag! And even better were getting more and more popular every week!Can you belive that were almost to 23 THOUSAND! Great work evryone!
    From Charlotte 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    It’s so exciting, we have nearly acheived our goal of getting 70 flags on the blog by the end of term, 3 more to go! 🙂
    We only need 465 more hits untill we reach 23,000.
    Everyone leaves such terrific coments we get lots of them as well as hits!
    Keep this up everyone!
    From Ellen

  3. Congratulations MLY!
    I have just woken up and I just remembered to check the blog to see if you were on at the same time as me!
    My little brother Charlies doing well.
    He’s trying to roll over at the age of three months!
    If you are wondering why I’ve been away for 2 days it because of my very bad cold.
    My little sister in Prep was away yesterday.
    But what I really wanted to see is how many hits we’ve had.
    Just as I searched in Google LLPS Middle Unit Blog I saw this post and I was very exited!
    67 flags is a really good effort,
    and 22,666 hits is truly amazing!
    I hope we can reach 70 flags by the end of the term!
    From Tom

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