The Big Sing 2011

music-count-us-in-pic11 It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to start practising ‘M, Count Us In’  for 2011. This year the song is called We’ve Got The Music’. Let’s practise every lunchtime until performance day on 1st September.

Do you like the song for 2011?

Here is the our fabulous performance from Music Count us in on Thursday, September 1st, 2011.

4 thoughts on “The Big Sing 2011

  1. Dear Mrs.Lynch
    I can’t wait until Friday September the 1st because it’s the big sing!
    I can already imagine on that day all of Australia is
    going to be singing the same song on the same day at the same time!
    It is going to be unbelievable!
    I wonder what it’s going to sound like in the hall it might echo (cool)
    Anyway I can’t wait
    From Zoe

  2. Dear MLY and llps
    I am moving schools and Friday is my last day so I can’t be in the big sing:(
    Please put up a vidio so I can see how well you all sing!
    I’ll miss you all
    From Sarah (MTO)

  3. Hello from Vietnam
    I am in central Vietnam in a town called Hoi An. The old part of this town is world heritage blisted because of its old buildings dating back hundreds of years ago.
    The weather here is dry hot and humid. There’s lots of good fresh fruit and vegetables for people to buy in the market. Pineapple, lady finger bananas, longan, dragon fruit, papaya, tomatos and lots more. Noodles are very popular here.
    Lots of rice paddy fields here. The farmers work very hard tending the fields every day. They wear conical hats for protection from the sun.
    Mark Herd

  4. Dear Mr Herd,
    It was great to hear about life in Vietnam. We are always amazed that people in other countries around the world are reading our blog and finding out about our school in Lara, Victoria, Australia. Vietnam sounds like an interesting place to visit. Nobody in MLY has ever been to Vietnam. We hope you have a wonderful experience in this country. We achieved our 70th flag on our blog today. We are not sure if it from your hit because the country is Myanmar, which is Burma.
    Thank you for the hit,
    From Mrs Lynch and MLY

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