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Myanmar has two flags because there are two names for this country.

Myanmar is a country which is also known as Burma.

It has recently gone back to using it’s original name -Myanmar.

We have both the flags now and we welcome visitors from Myanmar to our blog.

The countries that surround Myanmar are Thailand, China and India.

We set a goal to achieve 70 flags by September.

It was an ‘achievable goal’ and now we are enjoying the feeling of success!

Let’s celebrate!
Now for our next goal. Lets go for 80 flags by the end of the year. It is tricky now because most of our hits come from Australia, America, Canada, England and New Zealand. 10 flags from some minor countries will be an AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT. We will have to post some very interesting posts.

Leave a comment about the flag collection. Which flags can you remember? Where are these countries in the world?
Who has been to an overseas country?

2 thoughts on “70 FLAGS IN TWO YEARS!

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    We were trying to reach to 70 flags and now we’ve got 71 flags. It’s amazing, I guess all of our hard work payed off! Can you belive it in just 3 weeks we’ve achived 4 flags!It’s a great effort everyone.Thank you Mrs Lynch on working so hard on the blog!
    From Charlotte 🙂

  2. Dear MLY,
    I can’t belive that we actually got 71 flags I can’t wait till we play bootball I love playing bootball my favourite flag is Bostwanna I love it how the flag is fluro blue I can’t wait until wednesday for district.
    From Ben

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