Problem Solving in Maths

Learning how to think about maths problems can be tricky.
Let’s learn to work through the steps for thinking about the problems so that we can solve them with a sensible answer.
We will become good maths thinkers if we work on our problem solving strategies.

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

What do good maths thinkers do?

What do good maths thinkers do?

5 thoughts on “Problem Solving in Maths

  1. Dear Mrs.Lynch,
    Thankyou for teaching MLY Problem Solving all year!I really like the latus grid I think it’s called not only it is easy to do but it is fun too!
    I think that when the grade 4’s go to grade 5 and the grade 3’s go to grade 4 they will know it all because you taught us!
    From Zoe 🙂

  2. Dear Zoe,
    It is tricky to learn how to do problem solving. We can learn by using the think board.
    I think lattice multiplication is cool too!
    Mrs Lynch

  3. Hi MLY ,
    You all are doing a great job with our problem solving cards .
    The little card that Mrs Lynch has maed is so much fun. I’m going to go on to mathletice very soon. I hope I get a good score.
    from Olivia.

  4. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    Thank you Mrs Lynch for teaching MLY problem sovling.
    I have learnt more about Think Boards and my divison sums that you give me for warm up.
    ” what have you learnt?”
    From Jess
    Please reply to me

  5. Dear Jess,
    Can Chloe remember using the thinkboard for working out the problems? You should teach her in case she has forgotten her Middles work. I think Middles are so very clever to think so hard when they work out their problems.
    From Mrs Lynch

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