FriendS of Lakelands Day

This week is Science and Sustainability Week.
We have learnt about our Travel Carbon Footprint.
Here is the simple calculation that we worked out to see if we have a small green travel carbon footprint or a large red travel footprint.
Working out your travel carbon footprint
We read about the population explosion and the number of cars, ships and planes that use fossil fuels every day to move people and cargo around the planet.
The message is RETHINK

 Is there an better way to take that journey?

 Is there a way that will impact on Planet Earth in a less selfish way?

If the answer is YES…then DO IT!

Future generations will thank you!
Walk or ride to school every day!

Here is our Friends of Lakelands tribute.

 We hope Lakelands will always be there with little bugs and big birds. We love Lakelands.


2 thoughts on “FriendS of Lakelands Day

  1. Dear Mrs.Lynch,
    I loved greening Australia day it was so fun!
    Stuart showed us a slide show about the grass areas in Victoria!We found out that in 2002 Victoria was all full of trees and all the habitats for animals but when 2009 and 2010 came it wasn’t looking to good!most of the grass areas were turned into buildings and houses!
    After the slide show we went around the school and did a survey to see how safe our school is for the animals like lizards!
    We got a really good score our aim was to get 75 but we got 71 I was really happy to see that our school is suitable for the lizards and birds :-).
    I really had fun today!I wonder if we’ll do it again another day?
    From Zoe

  2. Hi there Zoe,
    What a lovely comment. You have an envirnonmental intelligence because you understood everything so well. Did you learn about the word BIODIVERSITY? I’m glad that Stuart thought that our school is looking after all the little creatures which affect the web of life. Did you like the web that you made?
    Mrs Lynch

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