Fish Market

fishmarket-1Fish Market is a great interactive game for us to play during the last week of term.

 It is an interactive game that will encourage us  to think about buying and trading. It supports our Money Maths Program in MLY.

 Your brief is to stock up your exotic fish shop. You might enjoy playing the game during the holidays. It is educational because it encourages you to problem solve and deal with money. 

Fuse Education is a wonderful site for you to visit during the holidays.

6 thoughts on “Fish Market

  1. Dear MLY
    In my opinion fish market is a educational site. It is fun to play. I hope you are enjoying it too!

  2. Dear MLY,
    I love fish market. It is educatinal game and makes your brain think. My total money was $1725. So everyone- I believe you should play it.
    From Ben

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I’ve played Fish Market and I LOVE IT! It’s educational and fun. It teaches you problem solving and money maths! The type of fishes at the market have funny name and odd colours! It includes fun games. I notcied while I was playing was that there were some sneaky people sealing unfair fishes. I really loved playing Fish Market!
    From Charlotte 🙂

  4. Dear Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    Fish Market is a very good and educational game. It helps us with our mony maths and encourageS other people with money.
    From Callum.

  5. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I love playing Fish Market and I think it is a very
    educational game.
    From Caitlin.

  6. I really like playing Fish Market. I did fish market for my homework and did it for half an hour.
    From Serena

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