20 thoughts on “Congratulations Middles. Your camp experience was tops!

  1. Dear Bloggers,
    In the past weeks the Lara Lake Primary school student middle students went on camp to Phillip Island Adventure Resort.When we got to camp we went into our cabin and then, looked around.That night we had night time entertainment.Like disco,Red Faces the food was heaven,must be hard to cook for 154 students.My cabin number was cabin 52 there was also activities, my favourite was the Giant Swing it was 18 metres high,a great experience for me at camp.
    From Ben

  2. Dear MLY and Middles,
    My Camp experence was fun! Night entertainment was Red Faces and a disco. Charlotte and Holly did an act in Red Faces. My favorite activities were the Giant Swing an Initative Course and Archery. The meals were divine and cabin time was fun.
    From Jess

  3. Dear L.L.P.S Middle unit blog,
    Camp at Phillip Island was so good!!! πŸ™‚
    Everyone loved it!! At Phillip Island the Nature Resort was so interesting all of the Middles learnt so much.The activities was sooooo fun!!! At Smith’s Beach we all built a sandcastle we loved ours but we did not win πŸ™ .My favourite activity was the Giant Swing!!!! :).I was in cabin 52 with Tyler, Kaiden,Ben,Mitch,Cody and I we won the inspection everyday. I LOVED camp.

    From Adam!! πŸ™‚

  4. Dear MLY,
    Phillip Island was FANTASTIC! The food was great. The GIANT SWING was very scary but very cool! Cabin was the funniest but the best time for me. The Nobbies walk was very high up! The night time entertainment was very very very FUNNY and I was in stiches! Sand castle building was very sandy.The flying fox was really fun because my dad who came on cap cought you at the end and swung you around! Camp cost $200 but it was worth it! Phillip Island also had the cutest Penguins! It was the BEST 3 days of my life!
    Thank you Mrs.Lynch and all the other teachers!
    From Charlotte πŸ™‚

  5. Dear MLY,
    I had a great experiance on camp!on the first night we had a DISCO!Caitlin and Ellen were the best dancers they were dancing the whole time.I joined in at one stage and I was as good as a famous dancer!Not really I danced pretty good though I think!
    On the second night we had red faces!Moniqkue and Bridie did an act!It was hilarious
    What a great camp!
    From Zoe

  6. Dear middle unit blog,
    Camp was so fun. My cabin was a good cabin there were 6 people they were Nic,Will,Matt,Jamie,Bailey and I.The teachers came around for room inspections but we didnt win we were number 53.my favourite activity was the flying fox.And the food was so yum.Red faces was acts what people did most of them were so funny.The swimming pool was freezing.We also went to Smiths beach it was a long walk.My camp times were realy fun!
    From Hayden

  7. Dear MLY and Mrs Lynch,
    My Camp experiance was great!
    My favourite activity was Cabin time and my
    favourite night time activitywas the DISCO,it
    was great fun!My cabin number was 68!
    From Ysabel!

  8. Dear Middle Unid Blog,
    When you wher at camp I was in the juonior
    class room doing so work in the joniors.
    I had to help the student.
    I had a great time.
    From David:]

  9. Dear Middles,
    I really enjoyed my camp experience! My favourite activity was the Low Ropes Course. I really enjoyed it becouse I got through the course more than 3 times.
    The disco and Red-Faces made my experience PERFECT! On the first day we went to Smith’s Beach, at the beach I made a fish for the sand castle contest!
    On the last day at camp we went to The Nobbies. It was a bit smelly, but, it was worth it when we saw a cute little penguin in a box! πŸ™‚
    From Ellen

  10. Dear LLPS Middle Unit Blog,
    I didn’t go to camp and i had to stay at school. I hope you had fun at Camp and enjoyed it. I really wish I could have been there, but my leg was sore.
    From Liam πŸ™‚

  11. Dear Middle Unit Blog,
    I really enjoyed camp my favourite act for red faces was Mitch and Ben and Liam.I love the giant swing it was FUN!The Disco was fun it had Kaitlynne and I’s favourite song.I love my cabin 66 it has 2 single beds 2 bunck bed.From Courtney!

  12. Dear Middle Unit Blog,
    Camp was amazing . My favourite thing had to be Red Faces. I was in it singing an unique song calledMid Night Blue Out There.You should hear it.Soft & smooth.Expersonis and punchation and all.The song had all that and I am only a gr 3 .
    from Mykaela.

  13. Dear MLY and Mrs Lynch,
    Camp was great!And guess what?Jaxson went to the top of the giant swing!(18 metres high)On the second day myself(Tom)went to Baileys cabin to check out his mess.It was perfect!
    On the first night Jaxson was sick so he couldn’t join in on the disco.Joseph(My cabin mate)was sick aswell but on the second night.I had cabin 56 with Jaxson,Owen H,Owen F,Dylan(new to the school)Joseph, Blake and myself.
    At smiths beach my cabin mates made a sandcastle called “Black Mountain”.
    Bailey was not in my cabin but he was a really good friend to hang out with at camp.Bailey was proud of himself because he went the whole 18 metres on the giant swing.
    Thanks for organising camp Mrs Lynch.
    From Tom,Jaxson and Bailey

  14. Dear Middle Unit Blog,
    Our camp expences in the dinning room was big! Their was 18 tables. I sat at tables 5,11 and 17 .17
    was my fav table because I sat at it all the time.

    Iwas in cabin 66. It was the best cabin ever.Their was two bunck beds, two sigile beds and a bag arer. Cabin timeis the best time for spending time with your friends.

    Activites day was fun. my fav activite was the giant swing. from Kaitlynne Frost!

  15. Dear Middle Unit Blog,
    I had a great time at my my cabin group in it was Blake,Tom, Jaxson, Owen F, Joseph and Dylan.I had a great time at the activity like the giant swing.
    the food was amazinglike the chicken wraps. I had a great time.
    From Owen Hose πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. Dear MLY,
    I had a magnificent time at camp.I loved everything at camp from the giant swing to cabin time, archery to the low ropes course, single flying fox to the inigitive course, disco to red faces. I also loved the food that was prvided in the dinning room.
    I enjoyed going to Smiths Beach because we had a sand castle compettion.

    From Chloe πŸ™‚

  17. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I have just found our newest flag! πŸ™‚
    it is to the south of Turkey.
    Very unusual,especially from the other side of the world.Now we have some very intresting flags like
    Cyprus,(the new flag)Lebanon,Ukraine,Macedonia,Belarus and Argentina.Now we have 33,098 hits.
    Keep up the great work!
    From Tom πŸ™‚

  18. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I was looking through all of our flags and I have found 2 very intresting looking flags. One was called Virgin Islands.Its flag is a yellow eagle with a shield with the stars and stripes sideways.The other one is Nepal.It has 2 triangles. One triangle has a sun and one side has a weird looking shape.
    Can you belive we have got 4 hits from Egypt!

  19. Dear Mrs Lynch and Middle Teachers,
    I would like to say a huge thank-you to Mrs Lynch for organising camp.I personly can’t belive that all of that cost $200 dollars! cabin time was the best time of all. Phillp Island was the greatest!
    From Holly πŸ™‚

  20. Hello everyone,
    This year Lara Lake grade 4 and 3 went on a camp at Phillip Island camp resort!
    Ther first day we where there Mr Creece came and inspected our rooms he gave all of the rooms a mark, and at the end of that day we found out that cabin 62 won the cabin inspection for that day!I can not believe my eyes because that was a boys cabin. The food was absoloutly fabulous! the second day of camp we had awesome activities I liked the Giant Swing the most.I recommend you gi to camp and I bet you will never forget what I just wrote!
    From Bianca!

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