Jump Rope for Heart

This post was a really popular post for us last year.

MLY loves the video from the Secondary College kids who are experts…and very fit!

Join in the fun for Jump Rope for Heart this year and win a prize.

What was your favourite trick?
What trick will you practise?
How much time every would you need to train for this act?

4 thoughts on “Jump Rope for Heart

  1. Hi MLY and Mrs Lynch
    Last night i showed my mum and my sister and they said it was amazing!
    I can’t stop watching it it’s so cool!

  2. Dear MLY,
    I just read the questions under the video and my favourite trick was probably where they start skipping then do a handstand.
    I’m going to try it at recess today.
    From Bridie

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I showed my nan the movie and she loved it. She wants me to try some tricks out.It’s AWESOME.
    From Courtney

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