An Alternative Lifestyle

This week we will begin our narrative writing with a study of an alternative lifestyle.

We are proud to live Australia, where  we can choose to live anywhere we like.

We can work hard and earn all the rewards for a comfortable lifestyle or….

we can choose to roam around like the  main character of our narrative this week.

He is a ‘traveller of the road’- in the olden days there were many such people and they were called swaggies.

John Williamson composed a song about a swaggie.

It is called:

Humpin’ My Bluey’. Click on the iTunes link to listen.

08 Humpin’ My Bluey

Humpin 'My Bluey

Narrative Writing

This week we will try to develop the character in our narratives.

The Swaggie is an interesting character because he has a  lifestyle change.

Your structure should look like this:

  • Orientation: A swaggie is a traveller of the roads. He sleeps under the stars and enjoys a simple lifestyle with his dog.
  • Complication: As he walks along the road he finds a golden ticket. He wins $1 000 000.
  • Series of events: His lifestyle changes and he goes to live in the city- buys a penthouse  apartment, dines out in restaurants, buys fancy clothes, enjoys a rich lifestyle
  • Resolution: …but he is not happy. He leaves it all behind to become a traveller of the road once again.

This story is Mrs Lynch’s attempt at character development.

What do you think of Willy? Do you think you would like him as a friend?

What do you think about his lifestyle?

Did he make the right decision to return to his life as a traveller of the road?


















Who is the other famous Australian Swagman? How much do you know about this jolly man?

2 thoughts on “An Alternative Lifestyle

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I showed my cousins and sisters they loved our pet cat .And we have over 100 hits.
    From Courtney.

  2. Hi everyone,
    I think my narrative is coming along really well so far. Everyone’s pictures are really good so far!
    Keep up the good work.
    From Bridie

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