We love to begin our daily reading session with some independent reading.

We have rules:







We have a wide variety of texts to make a ‘just right’ choice. 

To help us we use the 5 Finger Test (one finger down for each word on a page that we cannot identity).

The popular books in MLY are ‘Zac Power’ and ‘EJ12’

We would like to recommend these books to Gr 3 and 4 mates all over the world.

They are PERFECT for The Middles!

This week we decided to do a reverse silent reading session.

We are practising fluency and expression, so we read aloud for 10 minutes each day.

We have an anchor chart to remind us of the expectations of a good reader and a checklist to set goals and monitor improvement. 

This is what our ‘reverse silent reading’ looked like and sounded like.

Please leave your comments about what a read aloud session felt like.

2 thoughts on “REVERSE SQUIRT

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch and MLY,

    Oh My! How could you hear yourselves reading? What a fun exercise. Keep up the great work!

    Kathy (Mykaela’s Mom)

  2. Hi everyone,
    I really liked doing Reverse SQUIRT although it hurt my ears. I think it sounded really funny! My mum and sister watched it and couldn’t help laughinG! I think we should have reverse SQUIRT every day! I showed my brother and dad and they couldn’t stop laughing.
    From Bridie

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