Rewards Day

Congratulations on another fabulous term of learning in the Middle Department. 

Well done to everyone who achieved 100 Days of Attendance.

Tuesday will be Rewards Day for everyone who fits the following criteria:

1. You have completed a satisfactory record for the Home Reading Program.

2. You have attempted the Integrated Studies Projects.

3. You regularly completed your homework tasks from the grid.

4. You did not get a ‘white slip’ for bad behaviour in the yard.

5. Your behaviour in class helps to develop a great learning environment for all students.

We hope that 99% of all Middles will be able to participate.

The students who need to report to Mr Robinson will need to set goals for a Learning Improvement Plan so that they can participate next term.

The teachers will organise a variety of activities.

You may choose two activities.

Mrs Lynch is offering the dance class.

We will attempt to learn four dances.

The first dance is an old favourite called ‘The Cha Cha Slide’.

The second is another old favourite called ‘READ IT’!

Here are the words for us to learn.

The third dance is really popular this year but it is tricky.
Good Luck with Party Rock Anthem.

 Have a wonderful holiday.

Drop by the blog and practise all the dances.

3 thoughts on “Rewards Day

  1. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    Tomorrow I’m going to see Ice Age 4 with family & friends from school !I showed my cousin Lachlan &Joel Read It,they LOVED it!So far I’m enjoying the school holidays.And I got my hair cut my aunty Melissa cut it and my cousin Kiarri cut a little bit off.And we have 120 flags. From Courtney Huhn.

  2. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I was one who had 100 attendance next term I’ll be away one day because I’m going
    to eucha at the end of term 3. From Courtney Huhn

  3. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I saw Tom from last year on 7 news!I told my Nan , pa and cousins that he is from school and in my class last year. From Courtney Huhn.

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