Term 3 Begins!

Our inquiry unit has two parts this term.

Our work for the first four weeks will be about the 2012 London Olympic Games.


During the month of ‘The Olympic Games’, our work will explore these focus questions.

What is the history and tradition of the Modern Olympic Games?

What are the Olympic sports and who are some of the Olympic heroes?

At the end of the month our class will have some deep understandings. These should include:

* Major events require strategic planning.

* Countries of the world come together to celebrate and recognize sporting achievements.

* The Games provide historical and cultural learning opportunities.


The Olympic Games Project is a MI (multiple intelligences) project.

According to Professor Howard Gardner from Harvard University, people’s abilities , intelligences and interests can be isolated into eight subjects. We like to call them our ‘Smarts’.

  • Spatial-(Art Smart)
  • Linguistic-(Word Smart)
  • Logical-mathematical-(Maths Smart)
  • Bodily-kinesthetic- (Sport Smart)
  • Musical-(Music Smart)
  • Interpersonal- (People Smart)
  • Intrapersonal- (self Smart)
  • Naturalistic- (Nature Smart)

Students are encouraged to attempt activities that they are  interested in.

On the other hand, students may prefer to choose activities that they find challenging. For example, the sporty kids might like to explore a music topic rather than try the triathlon.

Presentation is always important and you may like to keep this particular project as a momento of  ‘The 2012 London Olympic Games’. 


The link will take you to the excellent official site for Australia- The London Olympic Games.

Please find the project on the HOMEWORK tab at the top of the page.

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