Usain Bolt-The Fastest Man in the World

Usain Bolt comes from Jamaica.
Jamaica is an island paradise in the Caribbean Sea.

The people speak a mixture of English and African.

The music from Jamaica is famous. It is called reggae music.

Bob Marley made this a favourite type of music for everyone to enjoy.

Zoom out from Google Earth to find where Jamaica is on the map of the world.

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Usain grew up in Jamaica and went on to become the fastest man in the world at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the World Championships in 2010.

He currenly holds the 100m record of 9.58 secs.

Usain also runs the 200m and the 4×100 relay.

Here is a television interview with Usain Bolt.

Your task this week will be to write an  autobiography about Usain Bolt.  You will create the personality of the fastest man on Earth. Some people say he can be arrogant.

Your second writing task this week will be to prepare an interview with a partner.

One of you will be the television reporter and the other will act as Usain.

Study him carefully as acting awards will be given out.


3 thoughts on “Usain Bolt-The Fastest Man in the World

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch
    I Would like to do
    The 100metre sprint again

    Trent and Nic

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I love the Bob marly song an I loveed the 100m sprint we all did as well.
    From Riley Morel.

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