What will we do now that the Olympics are over?

Olympic fever hit LLPS school yard during the 2012 London Olympics.

We enjoyed the stories behind the sporting heros who lived their dreams of being the best they can be.

The closing ceremony was a great celebration and a happy time for everyone.

Click here for all the digital news of our Olympic journey.

The school yard has been a buzz of activity during the Olympic Games.

Maybe Ruby, Ellen and Julia are future Olympians.

The Synchronised Gymnasts from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Choose a path and follow your dream- but be prepared to show all the YCDI foundations:


Which of the Olympic Sports did you really enjoy watching? Ask everyone in your family to cast their vote.

2 thoughts on “What will we do now that the Olympics are over?

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I showed Erika & Tenille the video of those girls.
    Marina & I are kind of do the same can you please video tap Marnia & I please.
    FRom Courtney Huhn

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I really enjoyed doing the flips on the bars!
    I hope you reach your goal of getting 100,000 hits on the blog this year. I wish you didn’t have to leave!
    From Ellen.
    P.S. Don’t Go!

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