The Water Cycle Song

This term our Integrated Studies unit is called ‘Turning on the Waterworks’.

One of our enquiry questions is: Where does our water supply come from?

We will investigate this important question over the next few weeks.

This week we will begin at the beginning: ‘THE WATER CYCLE’

Clever and talented teachers from around the world have made up songs and raps for their students.

We can use our blog to vote for our favourite teaching vid for The Water Cycle.


Can you make up a song to explain The Water Cycle?

Barwon Water will be a valuable site for us to visit.

National Water Week will be celebrated next week. We are encouraged to ‘protect, conserve and get involved’ in appreciating our water supply. The poster competition is an annual event for Australian schools.

2 thoughts on “The Water Cycle Song

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I love MLY ‘s blog. I mostly like the first song and second one of the water cycle songs. And the Blue Sisters and the three brothers I think your blog has nice things on it.
    From Tenille Huhn

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I love the first and second songs the best because they are so catchy.

    From Riley

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