‘The Blues Sisters’

We look forward to Fun Friday every week.

This week was extra special as some of our fantastic teachers promised to perform a famous ‘Blues Brothers’ song called ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’.

They practised during lunch times and the performance was amazing.

We certainly have the most talented teachers in the whole world.

 Leave a comment for for the teachers to read.

 Maybe they will perform again next year.

In the meantime we can look forward to the next exciting Fun Friday entertainment: Mr Creece doing ballet in a tutu!

Can you remember when Mr Creece, Mr Muir and Mr Smith  performed last year?

It certainly was a great performance from the boys!

Your blog comment could include some constructive comments for future improvements for the teachers’ acts.

7 thoughts on “‘The Blues Sisters’

  1. Loved the girls in action….wow what talent we have amongst our lady teachers. Go girls!

  2. Hi Mrs Harvey,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. What do you think of the update. Last year the male teachers performed and they were hilarious. We hope that you like watching the videos of Friday assemblies, especially as you cannot be with us on Fridays.
    From MLy and Mrs Lynch

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    Mum LOVED IT she loved the dances & sings,mum told me to tell you can you please tell the tearchers all who they done it wounder ful job.Mum’s looking ford to see hopefuly tomorrow at the assembley to see Mr Creece in a tutu. From Courtney Huhn

  4. Dear Ladie Teachers,
    Well done teachers on dancing now can’t wait untill Mr.Creece has to were his pink tutu also great song choice you all are X facter material

  5. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I hope you remember this assembly. It was the best assembely ever! It was really funny and awesome! Most of the assembelies at Lara Lake! I am so exited for this week when Mr Creece is going to be in a pink tutu!!
    Thanks for reading my comment.

  6. Dear Julia,
    Thank you for your comment. The teachers act was very entertaining. Some of the teachers are actually very talented singers, esecially Mrs Torriero.
    Good luck in 2013.
    From Mrs Lynch

  7. Dear Mrs lynch,
    The blues sisters were great at singing and dancing. They were heaps better than the boys last year. I cant wait till Mr Creece wears a tutu!
    From Dylan

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