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Our post about Rowen of Rin is handy to refer to because we enjoy the riddles and poems.

It is amazing how Emily Rodda reveals the chapter’s series of events through the riddle. What an amazing writer!

Amber took the time to think about the questions on the post and her reflections are so good that I have decided to make them a post. 

Please read and comment yourselves about your fears and experiences.

Also, acknowledge Amber’s responses.

Do you share her feelings?

 Hi Mrs Lynch,I am going to answer your questions on Rowan of Rin:
Do you have any phobias?
1.I am Coulrophoia(fear of clowns), claustrophobic, Aeronausiphobia (Fear of vomiting due to air sickness), Aviatophobi(Fear of flying), Kleptophobia(Fear of thieves or loss through thievery)
Can you face your fears and overcome obstacles in order to reach your goals?
2.Yes and No because I go in a planes, but many NO!
Have you ever been left out of a group or had a feeling that you don’t really belong?
3.I am not sure if I have been left out of a group before.
Have you taken a risk and succeeded in doing something that you didn’t think you could achieve?
4.Yes! I thought I couldn’t go on the giant swing on my Girl Guide camp.
What is the difference between a strong person and one who has strength of character?
5.I think the difference is that one of them can achieve more physical obstacles and one can achieve more in imagination.
Can the smallest, quietest individual achieve more that the loudest and strongest person?
6.No in my opinion both can achieve the same amount.
Thank You for taking your time to read this

I decided to Google phobias and this is the list that I discovered.
WOw! Some people get worried about some strange things!

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