History of Lara Lake’s Logo

History of Lara Lake’s Flag

This is an old post from May 1st, 2010. 

Mrs Lynch was just setting up the blog two years ago and MLY were interested in the history and traditions of our school.







Did you know that there is a very sad story about our uniform, our colours and our logo?

The green, red and white colours of Lara Lake are the colours of Wales, part of  the United Kingdom.

October 21st, 1966 there was a disaster in a little coal mining village called Aberfan.

It had been raining for many days and the mountain ‘gave way’. There was a mudslide that started from the mines.

Within seconds it had tumbled down the hillside bringing with it mud and slurry. The landslide demolished a farmhouse, a street of terraced houses and Pantglas School where children had just arrived for the last day of school before  term holidays. In all, 116 children and 28 adults lost their lives. News of the disaster sent shock waves through Wales and beyond. Offers of help for the grieving village came from all parts of the country and abroad.

Only three years later, Lara suffered our own tragedy.

In January of 1969, horrific bush fires swept through Lara, Lara Lake and Little River killing 18 people,  injuring dozens, killing of thousands of sheep and destroying  many homes and a historic bluestone church. A monument dedicated to this horrible occasion is now sitting in the main street of the town. The front step of our original school building is at the Lake Rd gate because the original Lara Lake PS was burnt to the ground. The peppercorn tree outside the art room and the cyprus trees survived the fires.

Lara Lake and Aberfan swapped their tragic stories. Teachers have visited the schools and classes have enjoyed communicating as penpals.

We are proud to remember the students who died in the sad story of Aberfan
by wearing the Welsh flag as part of our uniform.

There is a discussion at the moment about changing the design of our logo.

Have you heard the story before?

Have you formed your opinion about our school uniform and the school’s colours?

What are your arguments for changing our school unifiorm?

Please leave your comments on our blog.

14 thoughts on “History of Lara Lake’s Logo

  1. Dear MLY,
    I really found the history of Lara Lake Primary school’s uniform quite touching.
    The school’s tribute to the lives lost in Aberfan as expressed through the school uniform shows us that no matter where you are from compassion knows no bounds.

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I agree with Dakota. I would stick with green, white and red. Other colours would not suit our school.
    From Courtney Huhn.

  3. Dear Courtney,
    Thank you for your opinion Courtney. You should always think about developing your opinions on topics.
    From Mrs Lynch

  4. Thank you for your comment Sandra. Welcome to LLPS Middle Unit blog.
    Now you can keep up to date with all our work.
    Mrs Lynch

  5. Dr Mrs Lynch, I think that we should not change our school uniform becuase the chloths are fine how thay are,whats wrong with red and Green or White and Green ? Really,whats wrong with it ?

  6. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    1. Yes, I have heard the story of Lara Lake Primary School’s uniform. Lots of times infact,
    I was told in grade one, twoand three.
    2. Yes I have formed my opinion on the uniform I
    think we should keep it!
    3. My opinion on changing the uniform are very strong.
    Firstly, the colours, logo and uniform are now two historical stories. How would you like it if you were just forgotten about.
    Secondly, Lara Lake have just spent over two thousand dollars on the emblem painted on the new school gym floor. Two thousand dollars is a lot of money that can just be wasted that easily.
    Thirdly, parents have spent over five hundred dollars on school uniforms.
    Fourthly, over 100 people lost their lives in the mud sllide and in the bush fires.
    That’s why we should certainly not change our school uniform!

  7. Dear Mrs. Lynch
    1. YES! Mrs. lynch I have heard the story before in grade 1 or 2, and aslo my mum told me.
    2. Yes I have opinion to KEEP the uniform as it is.
    3. NO it is not nessrary to change the uniform as it’s part of our history. Who cares about “fashion” history is more inportant!

  8. Dear Mrs Lynch
    Yes, I have heard the story about the Aberfan disaster before in grade 1 or 2. I do stick with Dakota’s opinion because it is a bit of our school’s history. If Mr Creece changed the logo he would be silly beause if he did change the it he wouldn’t realise it was a bit of history that he changed.
    From Brodie

  9. Dear Brodie,
    Thank you for having the courage to voice your opinion about this important topic. I don’t think that Mr Creece will change our logo now because everyone has become very passionate about the school’s history and the wonderful connection we have with Wales.
    From Mrs Lynch

  10. Dear Callum,
    What a clever way to think about the story of Aberfan and Lara.
    I’m glad that you respect it. It is our history.
    From Mrs Lynch

  11. Dear Brodie,
    Did you try to ask her why she wants to change the dragon logo.
    It would be a good discussion with a young child.
    From Mrs Lynch

  12. Dear Mrs Lynch, 🙂
    I also believe myself that we should keep our Dragon symbol. It’s always a greatbthing to have a historical artifact to represent our school and it;s also a really cool symbol. 🙂
    From Charlotte

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