A Retirement Announcement from Mrs Lynch

What better way is there to let everyone know about Mrs Lynch’s big news than to present it to you as a post!

Mrs Lynch will pack her lunch and come to school for the last time as a teacher at LLPS on Friday, December 21st.

 After 38 years with the Victorian Education Department-(DEECD),  I have decided that this year’s MLY will be the last one.

What a fantastic MLY -Class of 2012, we have. 

It is definitely one of the best ever!

This weekend I began to feel rather nostalgic so I looked for some old photos.

What sort of changes can you see in the Class of 1977 at Newcomb PS to the Class of 2012 from Lara Lake PS?

Mrs Lynch’s first MLY  at LLPS was in 1996.

I have seen many changes over the years.

The school has grown steadily  and new staff arrive every year. 

What changes can you see in the staff photos from 1996 and 2011?

We will enjoy the rest of our year with a few more blog posts to make the year memorable. 

14 thoughts on “A Retirement Announcement from Mrs Lynch

  1. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    Wishing you a exceptionally happy retirement!
    After 17 MLY’s we’re very lucky to be your last grade:(
    From Jared and Kylie!

  2. Dear Jared and Kylie,
    I have been very spoilt as a teacher at LLPS. All the parents, teachers and students have been fantastic and I have enjoyed all 17 MLYs.
    The Class of 2012 is indeed one of the very best.
    Thank you for your best wishes,
    Mrs Lynch

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I hope you will have a great relaxing retirement! Don’t worry about MLY when you are not around. They will be fine with out you there though they might be sad. They will know that you are always around.
    From Mya A

  4. Hi Mrs Lynch! I have heard about the exiting news!! It’s your retirement I had a great year in MLY! You are the best teacher ever.You have teached me alot of Maths,Writing and everything.The first time I came in MLY I thought it was going to be a great year in this wonderful class.My Mum knew that MLY will be a great class and will help me with my learning and thankyou By Jesse Shewan.

  5. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    No I have not heard about the history of our school. I don’t really have an opinon, but…
    I’m going to write about changing the uniform because I would like a new one.
    From Tahlia

  6. Dear Brodie,
    Thank you for being part of one of the best MLYs in 16 years.
    I hope we win the bootball competition as my going away present.
    From Mrs Lynch

  7. Dear Mya,
    Thank you for this encouraging comment. I know that the students will keep on learning but I will still miss watching all the students grow up into fine young boys and girls.
    From Mrs Lynch

  8. Dear Callum,
    Thank you for your good wishes.
    I am looking forward to thinking of another blog to write about.
    From Mrs Lynch

  9. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I hope you have had a happy time as a teacher and I feel lucky to be in your last grade. I hope we get to 100,000 hits on the blog!
    from Nicholas.

  10. Dear Nic,
    I have enjoyed eevery day since I started coming to school in Prep. Teachers never stop coming to school really. As I said in class, the only thing that I will not miss will be the vegemite and cheese sn=andwiches that Mr Lynch always makes for lunch.
    I have enjoyed having you in my class this yrear. You are a top student because you work so hard.
    From Mrs Lynch
    PS Mr Lynch watched your Pa’s dog win the race tonight. He is very happy now.

  11. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I’m so sad to hear that you are leaving Lara Lake. But i’m so glad that i had you at least once for my grade 4 teacher. By the look of all the photo’s on the blog you’ve been teaching a long time and you must love it! You have obiviously enjoyed yourself because all the photo’s up there you are smiling like it’s your life :-). I hope you enjoy spendingmore time with your family and i will miss you heaps. Enjoy your time off. 🙂
    From Charlotte 🙂

  12. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I am very sad to hear that you are leaving Lara Lake Primary! Your where a AWESOME teacher to have
    (All teachers at the school are.)I hope that you reach your goal of one thousand hits on this awesome blog! Have a great two and a half weeks at Lara Lake.
    Nick.G SLY

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