Mrs Lynch is saying ‘Good-bye’ this week.

What a surprise!

Caitlyn and Jess came to our room today and announced that they needed to escort me to the hall.

I had no idea what was planned.

I sat in the front row seat and nursed my box of tissues.

We enjoyed a performance from all The Middles that was amazing and very special.

MLY- thank you so much for my special song called Burn Fire Burn. ( Mrs McKenzie is so clever when she thinks of these special songs!)

MCR- thank you for your clever rap. You really do know alot about the things that Mrs Lynch likes to do in the classroom

MJA- thank you for the video interviews. What clever speakers we have and all the lovely comments that I really appreciate.

MRO- thank you Mr Robinson. The song that you all helped to write was amazing. I loved it!

MAU- thank you Mr Robinson. You play the electric guitar so well, and what a talented class. I loved it!

MNO- thank you Miss Noonan. I loved the poem!

I hope you enjoy the photos and the video of a very special assembly.

You know how proud I am of all the students at LLPS.

It is an honour and a privilege to have taught 16 MLYs at our wonderful school.



2 thoughts on “Mrs Lynch is saying ‘Good-bye’ this week.

  1. To Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I will miss you SO MUCH 🙁 .Myfamily will miss you too.I am all ready missing you.Liam will keep up to date with the Lynch family. 🙂
    Lots of Love Courtney

  2. dear mrs lynch
    I will miss you SO MUCH :(. I hope you could visti our school. I love you 🙂 lots of love tenille

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