Middles Idol, 2012

Each year The Middles invite the Preps and Juniors to attend the ‘Middles Idol’.

Each Middle Department class nominates two representatives from their class to perform a song in front of a large audience of teachers, students and even some parents. 

It requires much confidence to do this and it is usually the first time many girls and boys have ever performed such an act.

This year the standard of talent was extremely high. 

Estelle’s performance of Birdie’s song, ‘Skinny Love’ is inspiring. 

Please leave a comment for her and congratulate her for entertaining us.

MVI 0928 from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

One thought on “Middles Idol, 2012

  1. Hi Mrs.Lynch
    It is so sad that you are not a teacher anymore at llps.jesse and i have got tears in our eyes wanting you back for 2013.my sisters teacher is Miss.Saggers and mine is Mrs.crompton.talk to you soon
    from will and sister abbi

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