Back in the Art Room


1. The Preps will learn the art of  printing using a rubbing plate.

This is a technique where we will use a block with a pattern that has a textured pattern on it.

We will place our paper over the top and rub the crayon over the top.

Just like magic a pattern will appear.

Did you know that this was how printing was done a very long time ago?

Printing using rubbing plates.

Printing using rubbing plates.

2. The juniors will learn the art of stamp printing using lots of different objects for a stamp.

We will try using a three prong fork to create a beautiful field of tulips.


3. The seniors will attempt the art of etching.

Etching is a type of print made by scratching marks onto the surface of a metal plate. We will be using old CDs that have been painted.
The effect is beautiful.

You may like to design a pattern using some inspiration from ‘Turkish motifs and Pattern’ on Google Images.

The artists and craftsmen from Turkey use their simple designs and bright colours on their pottery and rugs to make their masterpieces.

Do you like the etchings from Grade 6?


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