Music, Count Us In


Music, Count Us In is celebrating its 7th performance.

Let’s take a musical journey back in time….


VID00016 from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.





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Mrs Lynch is saying ‘Good-bye’ this week.

What a surprise!

Caitlyn and Jess came to our room today and announced that they needed to escort me to the hall.

I had no idea what was planned.

I sat in the front row seat and nursed my box of tissues.

We enjoyed a performance from all The Middles that was amazing and very special.

MLY- thank you so much for my special song called Burn Fire Burn. ( Mrs McKenzie is so clever when she thinks of these special songs!)

MCR- thank you for your clever rap. You really do know alot about the things that Mrs Lynch likes to do in the classroom

MJA- thank you for the video interviews. What clever speakers we have and all the lovely comments that I really appreciate.

MRO- thank you Mr Robinson. The song that you all helped to write was amazing. I loved it!

MAU- thank you Mr Robinson. You play the electric guitar so well, and what a talented class. I loved it!

MNO- thank you Miss Noonan. I loved the poem!

I hope you enjoy the photos and the video of a very special assembly.

You know how proud I am of all the students at LLPS.

It is an honour and a privilege to have taught 16 MLYs at our wonderful school.



‘A Cultural Assembly’

Mr Creece accepted a dare during assembly a few weeks ago.
The dare was to perform a ballet dance wearing a tutu.
The result was quite ‘interesting’.
Can you see any similarities to Mr Creece attempting to do ballet and a real ballet dancer?

Try to watch both videos simultaneously. 
Please rate the performance.


Here is real ballet performance.

In ballet there is a principal ballerina who performs in a ballet company. 

The orchestra plays the music and the choregrapher creates the set. 

VID00086 from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

4 Amazing Ballet Facts

  • A male dancer lifts over 1-1/2 tons worth of ballerinas during performances.
  • Most ballerinas wear out 2-3 pairs of pointe shoes per week.
  • One tutu costs up to $2,000 to make. 

The 7 Movements of Dance

  • Bending
  • Gliding
  • Turning
  • Stretching
  • Jumping
  • Rising
  • Darting

10 Ideal Characteristics of a Performer

  • Experience and skill .
  • Interest in the arts and a great desire to dance.
  • Strong, healthy body.
  • Broad perceptual field and an open mind.
  • Lots of energy, courage, patience, and strength.
  • The ability to cooperate and get along with others.
  • To take criticism and suggestions easily.
  • To move with conviction and projection.
  • To have time and energy for rehearsals, and a willingness to work.
  • The ability to move with urgency and passion.
Do any of these fun facts resemble Mr Creece’s peformance? 
We love comments on the blog.
Some ideas for a comment could relate to the similarities and differences between the two featured videos.

A Retirement Announcement from Mrs Lynch

What better way is there to let everyone know about Mrs Lynch’s big news than to present it to you as a post!

Mrs Lynch will pack her lunch and come to school for the last time as a teacher at LLPS on Friday, December 21st.

 After 38 years with the Victorian Education Department-(DEECD),  I have decided that this year’s MLY will be the last one.

What a fantastic MLY -Class of 2012, we have. 

It is definitely one of the best ever!

This weekend I began to feel rather nostalgic so I looked for some old photos.

What sort of changes can you see in the Class of 1977 at Newcomb PS to the Class of 2012 from Lara Lake PS?

Mrs Lynch’s first MLY  at LLPS was in 1996.

I have seen many changes over the years.

The school has grown steadily  and new staff arrive every year. 

What changes can you see in the staff photos from 1996 and 2011?

We will enjoy the rest of our year with a few more blog posts to make the year memorable. 

‘Student Voice’

A discussion topic was raised by our School Council during the week.

It was concerning an update to our school uniform and a possible alteration to the dragon emblem on our jumpers.

Mrs Lynch reposted an old post from 2010 entitled: History of Lara Lake’s Logo.

New teachers were surprised by the tragic history behind our uniform and the links we have with Wales, in the United Kingdom.

Many teachers and students were unaware about the tragedy in Aberfan and the Lara Bush fires which burnt down our original school building.

The students displayed a fresh pride in our school uniform, a sense of history and respect for tradition and uniform that has been part of LLPS for 56 years.

Some senior students decided to present a speech at assembly and they asked the students for a show of hands to support keeping the Welsh dragon.

There was a unanimous response with 100% of students in support of status quo.

The students have spoken.

 The discussion proved that our students can be very influential in the decision making process at LLPS.

Please leave your comment about your feelings after the week when the students all rallied together to support  the history and traditions of LLPS.

History of Lara Lake’s Logo

History of Lara Lake’s Flag

This is an old post from May 1st, 2010. 

Mrs Lynch was just setting up the blog two years ago and MLY were interested in the history and traditions of our school.







Did you know that there is a very sad story about our uniform, our colours and our logo?

The green, red and white colours of Lara Lake are the colours of Wales, part of  the United Kingdom.

October 21st, 1966 there was a disaster in a little coal mining village called Aberfan.

It had been raining for many days and the mountain ‘gave way’. There was a mudslide that started from the mines.

Within seconds it had tumbled down the hillside bringing with it mud and slurry. The landslide demolished a farmhouse, a street of terraced houses and Pantglas School where children had just arrived for the last day of school before  term holidays. In all, 116 children and 28 adults lost their lives. News of the disaster sent shock waves through Wales and beyond. Offers of help for the grieving village came from all parts of the country and abroad.

Only three years later, Lara suffered our own tragedy.

In January of 1969, horrific bush fires swept through Lara, Lara Lake and Little River killing 18 people,  injuring dozens, killing of thousands of sheep and destroying  many homes and a historic bluestone church. A monument dedicated to this horrible occasion is now sitting in the main street of the town. The front step of our original school building is at the Lake Rd gate because the original Lara Lake PS was burnt to the ground. The peppercorn tree outside the art room and the cyprus trees survived the fires.

Lara Lake and Aberfan swapped their tragic stories. Teachers have visited the schools and classes have enjoyed communicating as penpals.

We are proud to remember the students who died in the sad story of Aberfan
by wearing the Welsh flag as part of our uniform.

There is a discussion at the moment about changing the design of our logo.

Have you heard the story before?

Have you formed your opinion about our school uniform and the school’s colours?

What are your arguments for changing our school unifiorm?

Please leave your comments on our blog.

Barwon Water Excursion

Our inquiry learning question for Term 4 is:

Where does our water come from?

We found the answer when we went to West Barwon Reservoir in the Otway Ranges last week.






Here is the ‘information report’ from  our day.

The Geelong Water Supply comes from West Barwon Reservoir.

The Otway Ranges are close to the southern coastline near Lorne.

It rains alot high up in the mountains and the rainoff from the mountains form two rivers-

Munday Creek and West Barwon River.

When Geelong was settled and required a continuous clean water supply, it was decided that a huge wall would be constructed where the rivers met.

A huge reservoir now exists with the mountains surrounding and a reliable supply of rain falling in the catchment area.

The reservoir is presently near capacity- 97% full.

During the drought years the levels fell below 25% and LLPS students saw a very different reservoir to the huge reservoir of water today.

The water is channelled down to Wurdee Boluc were it is treated. The treatment plant is down the mountains so the open channels flow due to gravity.

The process gives us pure, clean drinking water through a network of pipes that range from huge pipes that adults can stand inside to the little pipes that lead to your kitchen tap.

Once water is used in your home it becomes waste water. It  goes down your drain on another journey to keep our lives healthy, clean and safe.

Our message is to never take our water supply for granted.

Water is precious- more precious that gold!
Barwon Water Excursion on PhotoPeach

‘The Blues Sisters’

We look forward to Fun Friday every week.

This week was extra special as some of our fantastic teachers promised to perform a famous ‘Blues Brothers’ song called ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’.

They practised during lunch times and the performance was amazing.

We certainly have the most talented teachers in the whole world.

 Leave a comment for for the teachers to read.

 Maybe they will perform again next year.

In the meantime we can look forward to the next exciting Fun Friday entertainment: Mr Creece doing ballet in a tutu!

Can you remember when Mr Creece, Mr Muir and Mr Smith  performed last year?

It certainly was a great performance from the boys!

Your blog comment could include some constructive comments for future improvements for the teachers’ acts.