Music- Count Us In-The Big Sing

This is an update to our ‘Music, Count Us In’ post.
The performance has come and gone.
We were part of the moment when 600,000 students sang the same song at the same time (simultaneously).
Here is LLPS performance…starring Ruby from SLY.

We received an email from Mrs McKenzie last week.
Hi everyone!
Once again it is time for the “Big Sing”!!
To give a little bit of background for those who haven’t experienced it,’Music count us in’ is a campaign which raises the awareness for  teaching music in schools.
 Lara Lake has participated in ‘The Big Sing’ for the last 4 years.
Once a year  schools from remote Northern Territory, to Tasmania, and everywhere in between, gather and sing a song (an original song, co-written by secondary school students and a professional artist). This  year the musician  was Josh Pyke.
The idea is to get 500,000 students singing the same song at the same time all over the country.
There will be live cross overs as the performance is simulcast from Federation Square in Melbourne, Government House, Canberra and the Sydney Opera House.
Lara Lake will contribute to this occasion by gathering in the hall and singing the song at 12:30 on November the 1st.
Students will assemble in the new hall ready to sing the song by 12:25 on Thursday November the 1st. We will sit in assembly positions, and watch the big screen where there will be a live stream from Sydney Opera House.
We will count down, and sing the song.
This year the song is called ‘ Different People (Stand Together).
Check out the great Count Us In website for music homework.
Mrs Mc Kenzie
Here is the song for everyone to practise:

Angry Birds Angles

Last week, we learn about angles. ( Use the Maths is Fun website for extra practice for measuring angles)

We began by reviewing the principles of geometry. We learnt about:

1. point-no dimensions to measure

2. lines- have one dimesion (length) and can be diagonal, horizontal or vertical.

3. shapes- 2 dimensions- length and width and they can be regular or irregular

4. solids- 3 dimensions- length, width and depth. They can be prisms or pryramids.

We discussed types of lines and experimented by ruling lines and discovering the point of interesction. This point creates an angle and we can measure the angle using the unit-degrees. The angle measuring tool is a protractor. 

Our learning involved identifying acute, right, straight and obtuse angles. We also identified the reflex angle (outside angle).

We remembered that a right angle is 90° and that you can make a square inside of it. We discussed that an acute angle is just a cute little angle. It’s less than 90°. An obtuse angle is larger and is more than 90°.

Using the protractor to measure angles with degrees.







The important thing to remember when using a protractor is that the horizontal line goes through 0°. This is called the zero plane. We always put the center of that zero plane on the vertex, the point where the two lines meet. We then look up at the second line to see what numbers it intersects. If it is an acute angle, you will use the smaller numbers (less than 90°). If it is an obtuse angle, you will use the larger numbers (greater than 90°). 
We looked forward to Fun Friday because we related angles to the Angry Birds Game.

Angry Birds is a popular game where you have to use a slingshot to shoot birds through the air to destroy green pigs. Students had to design their background, figure out the placement of their pigs, decide what type of birds they would use and then figure out the path each bird would have to travel in order to defeat the level. After this was completed, we then found our zero plane (a line even with our slingshot). Students then had to fire off an angry bird at an acute, obtuse, right and stright angle. 

What do you think of our pictures?

Do you think Angry Birds is good for learning Maths concepts?

Do you have any suggestions for more Angry Birds Maths lessons?

Angry Birds Angles on PhotoPeach

The Joseph Performance

Mrs McKenzie began telling us about her plans for the performance in first term.

Many hours of planning and organisation came to fruition on Thursday.

The amazing, colourful, spectacular performance displayed the talent and persistence of many LLPS students.

The hall was transformed into a concert venue with a stage for the choir and a sound system that filled the space with the magnificent tunes from the famous production.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. The story is based on the “coat of many colors” story of Joseph from the Bible‘s Book of Genesis.

Joseph, the musical, has been performed on the  West End and Broadway.

The show has little spoken dialogue; it is completely sung-through. Its family-friendly storyline, universal themes and catchy music have resulted in numerous productions of Joseph, and more than 20,000 schools and amateur theatre groups had successfully put on productions.

Mrs McKenzie and her small band of helpers brought the show together. The organisation of so many students on stage proved to be a challenge but the result was very entertaining.

Take a minute for the SmileBox to load.

Relive the moment.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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What was it like as a performer in your first show?Leave a comment about your experience.

Magic Teachers

Our Principal, Mr Creece, is a very conscientious, hard working, strict and ‘normal’ Principal.

However, something happens to him on Fridays at around 2:30 and we never quite know what to expect.

Over the years we have been entertained by singing, dancing, frolicking and many interesting dress ups!

This week it was the Magic Show.

The teachers were ‘enticed’ to join in.

The Teachers’ Magic Show from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Mr Creece likes to bring some life to Friday assemblies.

Magician Creece declared Mr Hilton as the winning magician.

Here is your chance to vote for your favourite act.

Voting will close at the end of the week.

Literacy Week at LLPS

The Middles have been busy these past two weeks.

We had a wonderful time celebrating BookWeek (Champions Read)  and National Literacy and Numercy Week at LLPS.

During Book Week we enjoyed the rotation around the classes and completed creative responses to picture story books.

Our book reports during book week was a sandwich book report.

There were seven layers that looked like this:














The Book Parade was exciting.

Everyone dressed up as their favourite character.
Book Week Parade, 2012 on PhotoPeach

The Middle Department presented the ‘Read It’ song at assembly. Ms E and Mr Fahling, our student teachers, worked with the dance group every lunch time to present this polished performance.

We think the song reflects the LLPS attitude to books.

Read It! from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

National Literacy Week, 2012

Please leave a comment about the fantastic week that we have enjoyed celebrating literacy and numeracy at LLPS.

What will we do now that the Olympics are over?

Olympic fever hit LLPS school yard during the 2012 London Olympics.

We enjoyed the stories behind the sporting heros who lived their dreams of being the best they can be.

The closing ceremony was a great celebration and a happy time for everyone.

Click here for all the digital news of our Olympic journey.

The school yard has been a buzz of activity during the Olympic Games.

Maybe Ruby, Ellen and Julia are future Olympians.

The Synchronised Gymnasts from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Choose a path and follow your dream- but be prepared to show all the YCDI foundations:


Which of the Olympic Sports did you really enjoy watching? Ask everyone in your family to cast their vote.

The End of the 2012 Olympic Games

Friday was an exciting day for us at LLPS.

The whole school gathered together in the hall for our very own version of  ‘The Olympic Games’.

We dressed in the team colours behind our country’s flag.

It was a colourful scene.

We even participated in a Torch Relay and the lighting of the Olympic Flame. 

We hope this short video captures the excitement of the Opening Ceremony.

The events were so much fun. Our groups were mixed with Preps and Grade 6 students in each team

The activities were led by our 2012 student leaders.  
LLPS Mini Olympics on PhotoPeach

The event was organised as a major fundraising event for 2012.

We are trying to raise enough money for the best playground we can afford.

If we all bring our donations back by Friday, 17th August, we will be in the draw for the trip to Disneyland and a prize from the organising committee.

We required  mental toughness to get us through the events. The day was cold and wet.

We required that same mental toughness for our classroom Olympics that covered a spelling test, times tables and finishing off tasks.

Gold medals were awarded and the most decorated student went to Hayden!

Congratulations on a top effort!






Recording our interviews:

The main literacy task for our class was to read Usain Bolt’s biography.

This text explained his life – where he comes from, the main influences on his career and his ambitions in the sport of athletics.

We attempted to summarise the main points of this ‘bio’ and then we developed some questions and answers for the television interview project.

Each student worked with a partner as a sports interviewer and Usain Bolt himself.

We think the hard work paid off with some excellent information about our hero-the fastest man on Earth- Usain Bolt.

Parents and viewers- please leave a comment about the quality of our work.

4. Publishing the autobiographies.

We analysed his character and attempted to write from Usain Bolt’s own feelings, character and experiences.

The task was easier for us when we had so much prior knowledge to turn into the type of structure required for an autobiography.

LLPS Olympics. 

The colours looked magnificent as we looked around the oval at the countries represented at our Olympics.

MLY has a great interest in flags. We have 123 flags on our blog so far and we would like to add more to this collection by the end of this term.

Some of the countries on this Powerpoint Presentation indicate the counries that we do not have a hit from on our flag counter.

Can you help? Please let us know if you can contact someone from one of the countries were are seeking a flag hit.

Look at the Powerpoint Presentation for your colour guide.

The Flags of the World Collection on our blog is up to 123 flags. Our goal is 130 by September.

Our Tom is Famous

We know that Tom is very clever at Maths.
He has made it onto Mathletics- Hall of Fame, many times.
We didn’t know that he uses all this maths for working out precision timing and angles to become an overnight sesnsation on You Tube.
How do you know how to get the ping pong ball to land when and where you want it to Tom?
We were all happy to see and hear you on all types of media last week.

Leave a comment for Tom to read.
Maybe Tom will tell us how to practise his ping pong tricks.


It’s Not OK To Be Away is a DEECD ( Victorian- Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) initiative.




School attendance is most important for student learning.

Our class has a goal to achieve 95% attendance.

We know that it is OK to be Away’ if there is illness or an emergency in the family.

Our data is very good.

There are many students who will achieve the

‘100 DAYS OF SCHOOL AWARD’ on the last day of term.

If you keep up the excellent attendance record you may achieve the perfect goal of ‘200 Days at School in 2012 Award’.


We love to begin our daily reading session with some independent reading.

We have rules:







We have a wide variety of texts to make a ‘just right’ choice. 

To help us we use the 5 Finger Test (one finger down for each word on a page that we cannot identity).

The popular books in MLY are ‘Zac Power’ and ‘EJ12’

We would like to recommend these books to Gr 3 and 4 mates all over the world.

They are PERFECT for The Middles!

This week we decided to do a reverse silent reading session.

We are practising fluency and expression, so we read aloud for 10 minutes each day.

We have an anchor chart to remind us of the expectations of a good reader and a checklist to set goals and monitor improvement. 

This is what our ‘reverse silent reading’ looked like and sounded like.

Please leave your comments about what a read aloud session felt like.