Rewards Day

Congratulations on another fabulous term of learning in the Middle Department. 

Well done to everyone who achieved 100 Days of Attendance.

Tuesday will be Rewards Day for everyone who fits the following criteria:

1. You have completed a satisfactory record for the Home Reading Program.

2. You have attempted the Integrated Studies Projects.

3. You regularly completed your homework tasks from the grid.

4. You did not get a ‘white slip’ for bad behaviour in the yard.

5. Your behaviour in class helps to develop a great learning environment for all students.

We hope that 99% of all Middles will be able to participate.

The students who need to report to Mr Robinson will need to set goals for a Learning Improvement Plan so that they can participate next term.

The teachers will organise a variety of activities.

You may choose two activities.

Mrs Lynch is offering the dance class.

We will attempt to learn four dances.

The first dance is an old favourite called ‘The Cha Cha Slide’.

The second is another old favourite called ‘READ IT’!

Here are the words for us to learn.

The third dance is really popular this year but it is tricky.
Good Luck with Party Rock Anthem.

 Have a wonderful holiday.

Drop by the blog and practise all the dances.

The Prime Minister’s Challenge

The London, 2012, Olympic Games will begin early next term.

MLY enjoy being active and we love to accept a challenge.

MrsLynch has nominated MLY to participate in The Prime Minister’s Challenge.









Our Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, launched the challenge to encourage all children to become active in their daily lives.

It is easy for our class to be active participants because running, playing, jumping, walking, exercising are things we love to do.

How the Challenge works

The process is simple. Once registered, all children have to do is:

  • Play sport or take part in activities at school, home, as part of their sporting group, or all three ways, each week of the Challenge. Children are encouraged to participate within their ability levels to ensure a safe and fun sporting experience;
  • Accumulate points by recording the type of sport played and the amount of time spent playing sport on the Prime Minister’s Olympic Challenge website;
  • Watch these points grow during the Challenge; and
  • Receive either a gold, silver, bronze or participation certificate based on how many points have been accumulated across the Challenge.
  • How are points calculated?

    Each eligible participant will earn either a gold, silver, bronze or participation certificate based on their level of participation**:

    • To be awarded a gold certificate, children need to participate in an average of 60 minutes of sport each day and try at least 15 different sports during the Challenge.
    • To be awarded a silver certificate, children need to participate in an average of 45 minutes of sport each day and try at least 10 different sports during the Challenge.
    • To be awarded a bronze certificate, children need to participate in an average of 30 minutes of sport each day and try at least 5 different sports during the Challenge.
    • To be awarded a participation certificate, children need to participate in a minimum of 10 hours of sport during the Challenge.

    Good Luck everyone!

Two weeks ago the whole school partcipated in Jump Rope For Heart. The skipping ropes are still popular in the play ground.

Last week MLY played a game of football against MNO. There was a competitive atmosphere as we had an umpire (Mr Skewes) and a scorer.

MNO were the winners but both teams won sportsmanship awards. The team spirit, encouragement from team mates and sportsmanlike behaviour was a very high standard.

Do you like to exercise?

Do you like comptitive sports?

Do you like push yourself when you start to get tired during sporting activities?



Blue Earth

Our school has been involved with the Blue Earth foundation this year.
Last Thursday a group of six coaches from Blue Earth attended LLPS for a special event. All three Lara primary schools attended and the Grades 4 classes were involved. There were about 200 students in the three colours of the schools on our oval. It was a wonderful sight to see. We were the hosts. St Anthony’s PS and Lara PS came to Lara Lake.
Blue Earth is a unique movement approach to learning that improves health, behaviour, self esteem, confidence and academic achievement.
There is an excellent website at Blue Earth if you are interested in this program.
Our students were very fortunate to be part of the day.
We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in bringing all three primary schools together.
Thank you to the amazing and enthusiastic Blue Earth coaches.

The Christmas lesson with Mrs Lynch

The easiest way for our lesson to proceed is to work our way through the links.
We will do a little bit of everything and if there is time we can have Christmas games on the netbooks at the end.


2 How much do you know about Christmas? Answer the question and hit the links.

3.Share a christmas joke with your friends.

Maths on the Netbooks
Let’s play ‘Ghost blasters’. Choose the ones you want to play from the links. Stay on one until you have mastered the maths! This is a fantastic link for you maths….you will stay in good form over the holidays with these games!

A bit of fun

Create your Christmas Wordle
Use as many Christmas words from our list.

A Traditional Christmas Story by Hans Christian Anderson.
This is a very sad story that encourages us to stop and think that some people in the world are not as luck as us. Not everyone can enjoy a Happy Christmas. We are very lucky to have our wonderful friends, family and school.

A jigsaw puzzle for you to solve

Christmas Karaoke

Some time for Christmas Games

This will keep you busy, thinking and learning.
Please choose your partner wisely so that there will be no need to consequences for students making poor choices with their behaviour at this time of the year.

Make Your Own Christmas Tree Card

We’re off to camp!

Click onto the link this weekend to get yourself ready for the time of your life at Phillip Island Camp Resort.

Myspace Fun Flash Generator

Phillip Island Adventure Resort is on Phillip Island

View Larger Map
View Larger Map
Phillip Island is on the other side of Port Phillip Bay. We will need to travel all the way around the bay for two and a half hours.
We hope to arrive at San Remo at 12:00 PM to feed the pelicans.
We’ll cross the bridge and travel to our camp at Phillip Island Adventure Resort.
Our accomodation will be excellent and the adventure facilities are exciting.
Have a go at exploring the map to Phillip Island.
Can you see the lake, the swimming pool, the giant swing, and our section of the camp called Woolami?
Leave a comment about the interactive Google Map. What have you discovered?

Our Friday Assembly Items

Every Friday LLPS assemble together in our lovely, new gymnasium. We have the regular presentations such as our YCDI awards. Students receive a YCDI certificate if they have shown confidence, organisation, persistence, getting along behaviour or resilience. Then we have an award from our Principal, Mr Creece. Teachers choose a student who has achieved well in their learning. The parents usually come to assembly just in case their child goes out to the front for an award. It is a proud moment. We also have the JSC White Hand Award for keeping the school yard tidy.
Sometimes we have student presentations.
This one is the Preps saying the alphabet. They are very clever Preps!

This one is the Middles doing an Energy Squad presentation to the school.

This one is after our Jump Rope for Heart. The Skippers practised a routine.

Please leave a comment about your school’s weekly ssembly.

The 2011 Principal Reading Challenge

There is only two weeks to go in this year’s Principal’s Reading Challenge. Now is the time to try really hard to achieve your best effort in reading.
Are you striving for 1,000 points for a certificate?
Are you striving for 3,000 points for a bookmark?
Are you striving for 5,000 points for a badge?
Come on everyone. You Can Do It! 30 minutes of reading is 50 points.
Who will achieve their personal goals this year?

Book Week 2010

Here is The Big Read
Listen carefully because the sounds you hear are the sounds of adventure, mystery, facts and fiction.

The Big Read from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.


The Middle Department will enjoy our reading sessions this week.

We will read Picture Story Books and respond to them by attempting creative tasks.

The Book Fair begins on Monday.

The Big Read is on in the corridor on Tuesday at 2:30. The whole school will be reading at the same time.

Be Well Read, Wear Red Day is on Friday.

The Middles will perform ‘Gotta Keep Reading’ every day from our blog.

Have a great week everyone.

Last term our Mrs McKenzie and our New Zealand Blogging Friends- Open the Door to B4 shared their discovery fromYou Tube.

 We love the FlashDance that the kids from Ocoee Middle School in USA performed.  Let’s sing about reading every day during Book Week.

Gotta Keep Reading Lyrics