Mrs Lynch is saying ‘Good-bye’ this week.

What a surprise!

Caitlyn and Jess came to our room today and announced that they needed to escort me to the hall.

I had no idea what was planned.

I sat in the front row seat and nursed my box of tissues.

We enjoyed a performance from all The Middles that was amazing and very special.

MLY- thank you so much for my special song called Burn Fire Burn. ( Mrs McKenzie is so clever when she thinks of these special songs!)

MCR- thank you for your clever rap. You really do know alot about the things that Mrs Lynch likes to do in the classroom

MJA- thank you for the video interviews. What clever speakers we have and all the lovely comments that I really appreciate.

MRO- thank you Mr Robinson. The song that you all helped to write was amazing. I loved it!

MAU- thank you Mr Robinson. You play the electric guitar so well, and what a talented class. I loved it!

MNO- thank you Miss Noonan. I loved the poem!

I hope you enjoy the photos and the video of a very special assembly.

You know how proud I am of all the students at LLPS.

It is an honour and a privilege to have taught 16 MLYs at our wonderful school.



Barwon Water Excursion

Our inquiry learning question for Term 4 is:

Where does our water come from?

We found the answer when we went to West Barwon Reservoir in the Otway Ranges last week.






Here is the ‘information report’ from  our day.

The Geelong Water Supply comes from West Barwon Reservoir.

The Otway Ranges are close to the southern coastline near Lorne.

It rains alot high up in the mountains and the rainoff from the mountains form two rivers-

Munday Creek and West Barwon River.

When Geelong was settled and required a continuous clean water supply, it was decided that a huge wall would be constructed where the rivers met.

A huge reservoir now exists with the mountains surrounding and a reliable supply of rain falling in the catchment area.

The reservoir is presently near capacity- 97% full.

During the drought years the levels fell below 25% and LLPS students saw a very different reservoir to the huge reservoir of water today.

The water is channelled down to Wurdee Boluc were it is treated. The treatment plant is down the mountains so the open channels flow due to gravity.

The process gives us pure, clean drinking water through a network of pipes that range from huge pipes that adults can stand inside to the little pipes that lead to your kitchen tap.

Once water is used in your home it becomes waste water. It  goes down your drain on another journey to keep our lives healthy, clean and safe.

Our message is to never take our water supply for granted.

Water is precious- more precious that gold!
Barwon Water Excursion on PhotoPeach

National Water Week, 2012

This week is National Water Week in Australia.

National Water Week aims to raise public awareness and improve understanding of water issues in Australia.

The theme for this year’s National Water Week is “Valuing Our Water”.

There is a logo for National Water Week that makes us think about never taking our water supply for granted.

The three important words are PROTECT, CONSERVE AND GET INVOLVED.

National Water Week Posters on PhotoPeach

We conducted our own ‘National Water Week’ poster competition in MLY.

The judges decided that the winning entries belong to:

Courtney, Bridie, Serena

Congratulations on excellent posters that persuade everyone to ‘value our water’.

Literacy Week at LLPS

The Middles have been busy these past two weeks.

We had a wonderful time celebrating BookWeek (Champions Read)  and National Literacy and Numercy Week at LLPS.

During Book Week we enjoyed the rotation around the classes and completed creative responses to picture story books.

Our book reports during book week was a sandwich book report.

There were seven layers that looked like this:














The Book Parade was exciting.

Everyone dressed up as their favourite character.
Book Week Parade, 2012 on PhotoPeach

The Middle Department presented the ‘Read It’ song at assembly. Ms E and Mr Fahling, our student teachers, worked with the dance group every lunch time to present this polished performance.

We think the song reflects the LLPS attitude to books.

Read It! from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

National Literacy Week, 2012

Please leave a comment about the fantastic week that we have enjoyed celebrating literacy and numeracy at LLPS.

The End of the 2012 Olympic Games

Friday was an exciting day for us at LLPS.

The whole school gathered together in the hall for our very own version of  ‘The Olympic Games’.

We dressed in the team colours behind our country’s flag.

It was a colourful scene.

We even participated in a Torch Relay and the lighting of the Olympic Flame. 

We hope this short video captures the excitement of the Opening Ceremony.

The events were so much fun. Our groups were mixed with Preps and Grade 6 students in each team

The activities were led by our 2012 student leaders.  
LLPS Mini Olympics on PhotoPeach

The event was organised as a major fundraising event for 2012.

We are trying to raise enough money for the best playground we can afford.

If we all bring our donations back by Friday, 17th August, we will be in the draw for the trip to Disneyland and a prize from the organising committee.

We required  mental toughness to get us through the events. The day was cold and wet.

We required that same mental toughness for our classroom Olympics that covered a spelling test, times tables and finishing off tasks.

Gold medals were awarded and the most decorated student went to Hayden!

Congratulations on a top effort!






Recording our interviews:

The main literacy task for our class was to read Usain Bolt’s biography.

This text explained his life – where he comes from, the main influences on his career and his ambitions in the sport of athletics.

We attempted to summarise the main points of this ‘bio’ and then we developed some questions and answers for the television interview project.

Each student worked with a partner as a sports interviewer and Usain Bolt himself.

We think the hard work paid off with some excellent information about our hero-the fastest man on Earth- Usain Bolt.

Parents and viewers- please leave a comment about the quality of our work.

4. Publishing the autobiographies.

We analysed his character and attempted to write from Usain Bolt’s own feelings, character and experiences.

The task was easier for us when we had so much prior knowledge to turn into the type of structure required for an autobiography.

LLPS Olympics. 

The colours looked magnificent as we looked around the oval at the countries represented at our Olympics.

MLY has a great interest in flags. We have 123 flags on our blog so far and we would like to add more to this collection by the end of this term.

Some of the countries on this Powerpoint Presentation indicate the counries that we do not have a hit from on our flag counter.

Can you help? Please let us know if you can contact someone from one of the countries were are seeking a flag hit.

Look at the Powerpoint Presentation for your colour guide.

The Flags of the World Collection on our blog is up to 123 flags. Our goal is 130 by September.

Automatic Response to Number Facts

This term our OFI (Opportunity for Improvement) is in maths.

Our goal is to improve our automatic response in all number facts.

We have a few incentives in place.


Check your progress against your name. Each time you are tested for automatic response  you will receive a smiley face to indicate that you have mastered that fact family.

Remember the various number facts that you need to know from each particular fact family.



8 divided by 4=2

8 divided by 2=4

1/2 of 8=4

1/4 of 8=2

2. Mastery Cards from VistaPrint

Once you have your sticker you have earned a mastery card. Paste this into your diary and start a collection. Note the date. Be proud of yourself!.

Earn your mastery card by lots of practise!






3. Practise your number facts at home.

Mathletics times tables ‘toons’ are fun.
You will find them on your login page. Just click on the tab.







Here is another old favourite that you can play at home. You will have fun and improve your number facts at the same time.

MathsBlox Click on the link. Skip the ads.

You can compete against yourself…or others.









Leave a comment about your best way to learn your number facts. It will help others.

Learn Your Tables is another great interactive way to practise at home.

Practise daily.

Here is one for a bit of fun!






Fruit ShootA little bit of fun! is addictive!

Rewards Day

Congratulations on another fabulous term of learning in the Middle Department. 

Well done to everyone who achieved 100 Days of Attendance.

Tuesday will be Rewards Day for everyone who fits the following criteria:

1. You have completed a satisfactory record for the Home Reading Program.

2. You have attempted the Integrated Studies Projects.

3. You regularly completed your homework tasks from the grid.

4. You did not get a ‘white slip’ for bad behaviour in the yard.

5. Your behaviour in class helps to develop a great learning environment for all students.

We hope that 99% of all Middles will be able to participate.

The students who need to report to Mr Robinson will need to set goals for a Learning Improvement Plan so that they can participate next term.

The teachers will organise a variety of activities.

You may choose two activities.

Mrs Lynch is offering the dance class.

We will attempt to learn four dances.

The first dance is an old favourite called ‘The Cha Cha Slide’.

The second is another old favourite called ‘READ IT’!

Here are the words for us to learn.

The third dance is really popular this year but it is tricky.
Good Luck with Party Rock Anthem.

 Have a wonderful holiday.

Drop by the blog and practise all the dances.


Lara Lake PS has been part of a dramatic change in teaching and learning over the past few years.

The current trend in education is to rely on many sources of data to indicate student improvement in literacy and numeracy. 

Principals must account to Regional Office  for a school improvement plan.

Teachers must account to the Principal for test data collected in the classroom. 

Students must account to their teachers for their learning in the term units- especially Maths and Literacy. 

This year students in MLY will explain their learning when parents interview them on Thursday, 28th June. 

We have a script for parents to follow, our data to explain and our goals for the rest of the year to discuss. 

We are very excited and have been explaining the process to Mr Wood, MsRichards and Mr Creece. 

Here are some videos that may help you to understand how we ‘learn to learn’ in MLY.

Students engaging in pre tests 

Post test Reflections

Explanation of Achievements, I Can Statements  and Differentiated Learning Groups

MLY read this post for our shared reading session.

Our task was to make up some thick questions to challenge your thinking about this post.

Can you answer the questions.

1. What if Mr Creece did not have a learning improvemnt plan to show Regional Office?

2. What would happen if the students made a learning improvement plan to show Mr Creece?

3. How would you feel if you did not learn in your class?

4. How has education changed in the last few years?

The Queen’s Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth 11 is celebrating 60 years of being a wonderful Monarch and the head of The Commonwealth Countries of The World.

There are many events on in London to help people join her in her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

The link will take you to the official website of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Leave a comment to let us know what you have found.

We are looking forward to finding out what you know about The Royal Family.

Telling Time in the Middles

It’s almost time for our post test to see how much we have learnt about telling the time on the digital and analogue clock.

We have been busy trying to remember all the time facts about the units of time.

Here is a You Tube video that might help.

Mr Robinson composed his own song for his class.

We think this is a great way to remember all the time facts.

Mr Robinson would love to know what you think. Please leave your encouraging comments for MRO.

Don’t forget the time units from our chart:

60 seconds= 1 minute

60 minutes= 1 hour

24 hours = 1 day

7 days = 1 week

2 weeks= 1 fortnight

4 weeks= 1 month

52 weeks = 1 year

365 days= 1 year (366 days in a leap year)

12 months= 1 year

10 years= 1 decade

10 decades= 1 century

100 years = 1 century

10 centuries = 1 millenium

Here is a fascinating  link to a site that will convert your age into any of the units of time you desire.

It is great fun to know how many minutes that you have been alive. 

Be prepared for some very big numbers!

Get your parents to try it out!

It’s called the AGE CALCULATOR.