Mrs Lynch’s Holiday Recount

Isn’t it  exciting to begin another term? This will be our fourth and final term together. The year has gone quickly because we have been so busy with our learning experiences. I am looking forward to guiding you through lots of amazing work during our new topic called ‘Turning on the Waterworks’.

The spring holidays are always special because we like to get out and about after the cold days of winter. Mr and Mrs Lynch have an annual holiday with some friends during Grand Final Week. We find an interesting place to visit and drive there to explore the sights and enjoy the traditions of footy finals week. This year the destination was Bendigo.  On the way we stopped for  lunch at an old  Victorian gold mining town called Dayelsford. As I was walking down the main street my eyes caught the attention of a familiar face…Liam, from Seniors! I looked up and sure enough…there was Courtney having her lunch in a cafe. I laughed as I told my friends about the coincidence. We decided that the world is a very small place (even if the population of Australia is 23 million people!).

Football finals are an important part of the third term holidays. My team, Bellpark Dragons, lost in the GFL Grand Final. I was extremely proud of the wonderful sportsmanlike behaviour from all the disappointed players. Even though they were exhausted from trying as hard as they could, they still held their heads high and congratulated the sucessful team, South Barwon Seagulls.

After spending a relaxing time with my friends in Bendigo, Mr Lynch surprised me with a special holiday to New South Wales. It is exciting to start a holiday by flying somewhere in a big jet. Have you ever stopped to think of places  far away? They can still be visited because of  amazing air travel. We arrived in Sydney after 1 1/2 hours in the air. We had plenty of time to see the sights of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Here is ‘Coincidence Number 2’ . As Mr and Mrs Lynch were enjoying a meal in a restaurant, our son Chris walked past us! We nearly choked on our spaghetti! What an amazing surprise! He was on his footy trip and we happened to be in the same place at the same time!

Mr Lynch arranged to hire a car to travel to the Blue Mountains! What an amazing place! The mountains really are blue ( because the eucalyptus trees react with the air to cause a blue haze) and there is a spectacular sight called The Three Sisters. According to the Aboriginal Dreamtime story, the spirits turned three sisters into stone because they were naughty. I didn’t have a coincidental experience here but I did have one on the next part of our holiday.

We continued our tour of New South Wales by travelling north to The Hunter Valley. One day we decided to visit a beautiful place called Hunter Valley Gardens. The gardens are spectacular and during the Christmas Period they have a famous show called ‘The Christmas Lights’. As we approached the entrance we noticed that there was an event in progress. It was the bicycle road race for The Transplant Games. We made a connection. Our nephew Hayden, was in the Transplant Games and he is  a bike rider. (He was born with a heart problem and required a new valve in his heart five years ago. The amazing doctors were able to take his heart out of his body and put a new valve in  it!) Sure enough…coincidence number 3! We shocked the socks off Hayden and his mother Lynette when Mr Lynch tapped them on the shoulder. They looked around and….it was us! Just to add icing to the cake…Hayden won the event and received a gold medal. We are so proud of him.

As I think about my holiday I can hardly believe that I have all these wonderful experiences. Think about this old saying:

‘Live life as if there was no tomorrow. Live tomorrow as if there was no yesterday.

Your task is to write for 15 minutes.

We do this at the beginning of every term.

The text  is to be a recount about your holidays.

Mr Creece has all of your holiday recounts in his office. By the end of Grade 6 we will have a plastic folder full of your holiday recounts.

If we look at your development in writing since prep there will be progress in many aspects of writing. Your handwriting, spelling, punctuation and grammar has improved. We have learnt about sentence construction, the power of engaging your audience and voicing your personnal comments throughout your recounts.

Your term 4 attempt should be your best ever.

Can you remember to use some complex sentences, figurative language and direct speech?

Good luck with your holiday recount writing this week.


Numeracy Week at LLPS

The task seemed easy!

Mr Robinson and Mr Wood set the task for the whole school. It was to recommend a height for the new playground’s overhead bars- the monkey bars, the flying fox and the roman rings.

We set about finding the range of height in our class.

We then collected the data for a standing vertical jump.

After much measuring and organising data we calculated the mean, median and mode for MLY.

We sent a letter to Mr Robinson and Mr Wood.

To whom it may concern,
Dear Mr Robinson and Members of the Maths Committee,
We, the  members of the wonderful class, MLY, would like to make the following recommendations to our school’s administration.
Our numeracy week project was to research the most appropriate height for monkey bars, roman rings and flying fox for Middles Playground Equipment.
MLY recently conducted an extensive study of student height and ability at standing vertical jumps.
The experimental group was 23 MLY students.
The data included heights of each student, the range, mode, median and mean of the heights.
We then collected and organised the data of a standing vertical jump of each student.
The class worked in pairs to carefully collate the data and, after hours of careful measuring, we have finally reached the answer for a perfect height for the playground equipment.
Our recommendation is that the monkey bars should be a standard height above the ground of 2m.
We believe that this height will suit most Middle Department Students.
We have presented our projects for your inspection.
 Thank you for your time, Mrs Lynch and students of MLY.

 We received an email back from Mr Wood:

Dear Mrs Lynch and MLY.

On behalf of the Lara lake Mathematics Committee I would like to thank you for your fine work when you investigated a suitable height for the monkey bars, roman rings and flying fox.
Your research shows that you understood clearly what was required. It was wonderful to see you apply your understanding of mathematics by finding the range, median and mode of the height of the students. These are important considerations for any designer of playground equipment.
I would have thought that possibly 2 metres above ground might have been too high, but your investigations of the standing vertical jump of the students proved that I would have been mistaken. I am pleased that you took this into consideration.
I would love to see any of the data that you produced.
Congratulations, again, on a wonderful investigation.
Bruce Wood.
Mathematics Committee Leader.
Lara Lake Primary School

Fun Fridays

Custom Glitter Text

We love Fridays in MLY.
The end of a long, hard week of learning deserves some celebrations.
We like to celebrate:
1. Homework
2. Times tables quiz
3. Spelling quiz
4. Shared reading activity
5. Assembly.

Which part of ‘Fun Friday’ do you like the best?

Here is the video of us coming back from assembly today.

Windy Friday from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

It was an extreme weather day.
We could hardly walk across the oval after assembly.
We had to fight against Mother Nature and her forces.

Fun Friday was Windy Friday.
How can you tell that it was really windy?

Education Week, 2012

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Dear Parents,
Thank you to all our parents who attended our Open Day today.
It was an opportunity to show you our published work and encourage you to drop by the LLPS Middle Unit Blog occasionally.
We enjoy the comments you leave but we have strict rules.
We require careful editing and encourage a high standard of spelling, punctuation and grammar.
We do not allow ‘chat’ on the blog.
The comments should be informative and offer feedback on the post.
We do not identify anyone with surnames.
We look forward to interacting with home and school through this amazing technology.
From Mrs Lynch and Class MLY

Happy Mother’s Day
Thank you for your love and support.
We enjoyed making a slinky for you.

It was made with allot of love.

Best effort handwriting was everywhere!

While we were sharing them, we made an array!
There were 25.
We divided into 6 columns and 4 rows.
Here are the results:
25 divided into 6 columns = 4 r 1
25 how many groups of 4= 6 r 1
Can you see the rows and columns

Fun Friday

It’s Friday again and time to celebrate a great week of learning in MLY.

Here is the first reward- a short little video that will put a smile on our dial.

Class Reward Vid- Talking Dogs

The second activity isMoney Maths.

Everyone has earned $3,000 for spending on their house this week. It is just like being on the television show “The Block’. You have eight rooms to furnish. Enjoy your shopping expedition today.

Our third activity is ‘The Block’.

You must design your room according to the area dimensions. Who will win the best room design?

Our fourth activity is Baseball Maths. 

The rules are just like a real game of Baseball.

Teams have only two players.

To play the game you need a game board, some game pieces and dice.
The ‘pitcher’ rolls the dice and the batter has to multiply the numbers.

If they get the answer wrong it’s an out. If they get the answer right, the game board tells you if it’s an out, a single, double, triple or home run.

It’s a simple game to play and it adds excitement to practising our number facts. We’ll use arrays and tables grids until we improve our automatic response.

You can modify the game by playing with a six-sided dice and a twelve-sided dice, or two twelve-sided dice for higher multiplication facts.
Here are the scoring sheets for different dice, and directions for the game: Modified Scoring Sheet


You may work out your answers using the grid paper to draw and check your arrays.

After recess we will enjoy our  reading session. Our new books are FANTASTIC!

The last job for this week is to publish our Persuasive Writing Task for this week.

Living in the City is better than Living in the Country.

Living in the country is better than Living in the City.

Now we can look forward to the weekend.

City and Country Dioramas

Our Term 2 Integrated Unit is called Lifestyles.

We will explore the opportunities and way of life that is part of where we choose to live. 

This week we have explored living in the country versus living in the city. 

The creative task tuned us into thinking about hustle and bustle versus quiet and peaceful.

Please leave a comment about our dioramas.
City and Country Dioramas on PhotoPeach

We wrote our expositions about City and Country Lifestyles.

What do you think about growing up in the different settings?

Here is Dakota’s winning speech.

Celebrating our wonderful year of learning together.

The next two weeks will be a wonderful celebration of our year together.
We have a busy schedule of events to look forward to.
Some of the events have a happy tradition in The Middle Department.
We hope you have enjoyed our time together and you have some very happy memories of your learning experiences.
The 5 round draw:

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Monday Wednesday

The Grand Final will be played at 9:00 on Thursday, 22nd December.
The rules are simple-kick and run!
We look for sportsmanlike behaviour at all times and we expect lots of team spirit.
Good Luck everyone. Photos will appear on our blog as the games begin!

The classes will all visit our wonderful teachers this week after recess each day this week. Teachers have organised some fabulous lessons for your enjoyment. Mrs Lynch has the netbooks booked so that you can explore some of the online resources that are available.

Many students have performed at Middles Idol as their first real experience in front of a large audience.
Sometimes they go on to develop their talent at Secondary College. We hope that this year the high standard will continue. Good Luck everyone and please join in at your class level.

We have been invited to Lara PS for their Senior Performance of Calamity Jane. This is an exciting opportunity to be the audience for a live performance.
The next part of the day will be at the Lara Swimming Pool. Life Savers will be on duty and the water park will be turned on. Don’t forget your lunch on the day.
Middles Idol will conclude the wonderful day together.

This is a lovely way to finish our year together. Each student exchanges a gift with another and we especially share random acts of kindness. This all happens on the last day.
Mrs Lynch will try to keep photos updated on the blog.

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